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Demo Download

Do you mean officialy or from a torrent site or similar, because St.Helens posted A sticky earlier about those for god's sake. No pirating talk.

if you mean officialy, haven't seen anywhere.
Well there are few movies on EA Rugby 2005 link. There's Gameplay movie, Trailer etc., but if this isn't what ur looking for then no I don't know.
anyone gonna post it up for download? its only a demo dont stress about pireting
Mate everyone knows where it is. I even think it has been posted before. Go to EA Sportsat thetop of the screen there is a series of links. move mouse over football link and menu will come down. Go to Rugby '05 and from there u should e able to access the vids.
So, were my instructions good enough? People often say they can't understand me.
i duno blo i just wnna play the demo and i was wondering if it was downloadable ANYWHERE? shouldnt be to hard to find, and its not pireting ea sports even post up demos 2 download but they havent got rugby so i wnna find a privite downlaod uno?
Nah mate dunno then, sorry. Surely u can wait for the game to be released to play it though.
yeh probly sux how its realese on the damn 18th or something here, shouldnt the greats rugby nation get the game first!
I agree, but i tell u the games being released in Oz on the 17th. I'll give a report when I get it.

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