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Discover "Average Rugger": My Journey from Durban to the USA, Spreading Rugby Love


Academy Player
Dec 2, 2023
Hello everyone!

I'm Thabo, a lifelong rugby enthusiast. Born in Durban, South Africa, I've been playing rugby for 25 years, a journey that led me from the fields of Durban to the USA. Ten years ago, I moved to the States and started playing for the Seattle Rugby Club, eventually joining the Navy team.

Rugby has been a pivotal part of my life, offering opportunities to travel, forge lasting friendships, and connect with seasoned rugby veterans. A few years ago, I decided to give back to this incredible game by coaching grassroots rugby in Seattle. It's my way of nurturing the sport that's given me so much.

In my effort to popularize rugby in the USA, I realized its limited exposure on mainstream media. This inspired me to start the "Average Rugger" YouTube channel. Through my channel, I aim to showcase rugby's beauty and its life-enriching principles, particularly to the youth. The channel has gained traction locally and nationwide, and I manage all its content.

I'd love for this community to check out "Average Rugger" on Your feedback, support, and ideas on how to further promote rugby, especially among young people, would be immensely appreciated.

Let's grow this beautiful game together!

Best regards,

"Rugby is not just a sport, it's a life lesson. Every tackle, try, and pass teaches the youth resilience, teamwork, and respect - essential tools for the game of life."

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