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Divison one results



Waikato 30- Taranaki 6

Southland 16 - Canterbury 42

Northland 27- 43 Wellington

North Harbour 10- Auckland 27

Otago 29 - Bay of Plenty 6.

overall an interesting start to the npc with teams obivously looking very rusty. Northland performed very well and proabby above execptations. good wins to waikato canterbury auckland and otago.
Waikato Taranaki
Only got home in time to see the 2nd half, not sure why I'm typing anything here as I don't really have any thoughts.

Southland Canterbury
Watched bits of it, Canterbury were fairly ordinary, I thought the score flattered them.

North Harbour Auckland
Tipoki had so much more pressure on him being in North Harbour and captain from having virtually none at BOP. I don't think he'll play as well at N Harbour as he did last year.

Otago Bay of Plenty
Didn't get to watch this, very disappointing score. I thought BOP might have a chance at getting that wood back against that ordinary Canterbury side but it doesn't look like it now...
maa nonu is **** captain lol

north harbour toppled wellingstink...20 sumthing to sumthing

man another fijian winger with a name u couldnt say 3times fast
this wus incredible!...

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