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Do You like the Chat Room

Do You like the Chat Room?

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So come on people Do You like the Chat Room?

What do you think could be improved?

What discussions would you like to see organised?
i was thinkin along the lines of E-Sexual Intercourse Feature ©

So i can have my way with kaftka and you.. not that i pretty much dont already!
E-sex is overrated, and as I have said before on this board, finding a suitable place on the computer for intercourse is difficult and dangerous.

Stick to apple pie, you won't get a chance of an electric shock that way, although make sure it is warm, as hot pie scoulds. Imagine telling that story to your doctor.
there needs to be more people that go online. there is usually only 0 or 2 people when i have a look
I think its great it just needs to be promoted a lot more i didn't even know it was there until i saw the little icon i clicked on it as saw it was a chat room.

But all the same its going to be a great feature once the word gets around :bravo:
yeah saturday is a big promo for it but its kinda the wrong day to have a big chat like that because most people will be playing rugby or watching rugby (like me)
or working, playing rugby and then hitting the town (hopefully i get in, blue dog never fails)
Mass PM required, by the looks of things. Nobody knows I'm taking TRF over either....
Shall be writing a mass pm to all members, at some point, maybe tonight or maybe 2morrow...

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