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Don't mess with Dalmations


St Helens RLFC

Because they will really, truly punk you out. My dalmation Dillon (Mite and RC can attest to his size, power, strength etc) proper dispatched a German Shepherd that attacked him for no reason. He didn't just defeat it, he swatted it away, bit it and in short, pwned it.

The message here is simple.

Don't f*** with Dalmations. They will make you tap out.
f*** yeah they will!
Mite won't have children coz of this hard *******!

Dan managed to get a few sly digs in as well. Cheeky *******.
Yes it's true, I got a few digs in. Had to didn't I - can't stand by and watch my dog get attacked. However, he would have smashed its head in without any intervention for me. He already had it on the back foot.
Dans spotty whirling dervish will always beat any lab.

Edit: On second reading, how much could that be mis-interprited??? :blink:
He must be aware of you talking about him - he is in a very whirly dervishy mood!
My buddy has (or HAD I should say) a dalmation and it bit his son in the face. Mind you, the kid was only 2. Lets just say that dalmation didn't make it past dinner that night without being dropped off at the pound. I'm the biggest dog lover in the world, but when one bites a little child, it's gotta go.

But that's not something I'll ever have to worry about with Dillon. Big, soft sod.

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