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I just thought this would be interesting thread if people participate. Basically you just post a dream you had that affected you or just like to share with everyone else. Feel free to post your own and/or give an oppinon, interpret etc another persons dream. Please, spare us the details of any wet dream you've had (n/h)

Well I had a dream that two of my (friends maybe?) were facing off and both had knives in their hands. I was trying to prevent **** from happening but then one of them stabbed the friend next to me. So I grabbed the knife off the friend who got stabbed and stabbed the other one. I was hoping they would both be too hurt to carry on. The one i stabbed just stares at me straight into my eyes like he couldnt believe what I had just done. I turn my head slightly and see my other friend pour gasoline on the friend who was staring at me. The one with the gasoline lights a match while the other continues to backaway the both go into a room. Then BOOM a huge explosion happens and sirens go off. I run down a flight of spiraling and total chaos sorrounds me people running left and right trying to find the nearest exit. I eventually get to the bottom floor and people are screaming and running around outside. I go outside and see the top half of the building in flames, I put my hands and Im just in shock wondering what the hell just happened.

Yeah thats it basically

Feel free to post yours or interpret mine or whatever
Gonna get scientific here and give a lil insight in why we dream. I read it somewhere, I'll try find the site and post the link here.

Long story short, you dream to release pent up emotions.

Example: Something traumatic happens to you and you refuse to go to trauma debriefing/counselling because you're proud and act like everything is 100's. But you know deep down you got pretty scared when the **** hit the fan.
Chances are you gonna have nightmares about that experience.

Example: You have an argument with your girlfriend and you say exactly what's on your mind. Unless you dwell on it (building up more emotions), you're unlikely to dream about it or anything related to it.

This applies to any emotion and not just negative ones.

I guess this applies to wet dreams also, as you either have pent up sexual tension (aka your ball sack is too full :lol: ) or you been secretly lusting over a woman.

BTW this theory is still being researched but is widely accepted

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