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E3 2010 News and Discussion

I doubt it sadly. I imagine that development wouldn't have progressed to anything demonstrable at this point.
Even an announcement on the modes and game play improvements would be good. But you are probably right.
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit was the best game shown yesterday, IMO, and there were far too many FPSeses.
Microsofts conference was Fail, Ubisofts conference was just flat, EA's conference was average.

I dunno, just very dissapointed in what I saw today.

So looking forward to Nintendo's conference and Sony's should be better than Microsofts, will hardly take much to do better.

Looking forward to 3DS, Zelda and more Killzone 3 footage as well as more on Littlebigplanet 2.
Decent footage of 3DS and Zelda should win the show for Nintendo. I didn't see Ubisoft's conference, but I have seen that they're doing a new 2D Rayman.
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit was the best game shown yesterday, IMO, and there were far too many FPSeses.

Agree about FPS's there are very few real stand-out one's now and after Killzone 2's awkward controls in the first 2-3 months turned it into a "maybe" purchase till they sorted it out, I've stopped being super excited about them and just wait for reviews to see if one is actually worth getting.
nintendo show was surprisingly very good. lots of games have my interest and of course the 3ds already seems to be a winner with a quality game lineup alreay confirmed including Kid Icarus.

twisted metal and little big planet looked really good from the sony show and gt 5 finally seems to be coming out in november for the US anyway.
E3 used to be must see about 10 years ago now it's a lot of fringe announcements about stuff we already knew about.
A new Portal 2 trailer came out a couple of days ago, with the announcement that it will be the first Valve game to be released for the PS3.

There are also gameplay video's One, Two and Three.

Personally I can't wait for it to come out, should be awesome.
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Portal is/was a fantastic game, loved every second, really can't wait for the new one
Trailer is a goodun as well, not seen the gameplay before! Cheers
Watched two MvC3 vids today, I'm really liking the art-style. Also sounds like they've nailed Deadpool's character, I hope Nolan North is voicing him.

I may or may not follow this game further, I want to be surprised by the roster, but curiosity may get the better of me.
Really looking forward to MvC3 as well, had the first one for Dreamcast (i think?) - good fun

Have you played Ultimate Alliance 2? Deadpool is dead on (imo) in that
Did anybody see the E3 trailer for Halo Reach? Sweet merciful heavens. I can't wait for this. It looks INCREDIBLE!

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