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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Gandalf, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. Gandalf

    Gandalf Guest

    Loosehead - Os du Randt(becoz he's os!)
    Hooker - Kevin Mealamu(speed + rucking)
    Tighthead - Phil Vickery(speed+work rate)
    Lock - Chris Jack(speed around park + jumping)
    Lock - Danny Grewcock(jumping+rucking)
    Flank - Schalk Burger(strength + rucking)
    Flank - Richie Mccaw(rucking+speed to breakdown)
    Eightman - Joe van Niekerk(speed)
    Scrumalf - George Gregan(passing + defensive organizer)
    Flyhalf - Brent Russell(speed of the mark + passing)
    L Wing - Josh Lewsey(finishing)
    Center - Daniel Carter(passing+kicking)
    Center - Ma'a Nonu(strength)
    R Wing - Rico Gear(speed + agility)
    Fullback - Percy Montgomery(kicking + positional play, speed)

    Sorry bout the lack of NH players, but personally i think these chaps suit my style of play the most...

    Please post your teams
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  3. ShowMe

    ShowMe Guest

    Best players in positions?...
    ...all the stars mate, and then the best stats:

    1- A. Sheridan
    2- S. Thompson
    3- O. du Rant
    4- C. Jack
    5- V. Matfield
    6- S. Burger*
    7- R. McCaw*
    8- G. Smith*
    9- G. Gregan*
    10- J. Wilkinson*
    11- B. Habana*
    12- T. Umaga*
    13- B. O'driscoll*
    14- J. Robinson*
    15- P. Montgomery*

    16- A. Oliver
    17- J. Hayes
    18- S. Murray
    19- Y. Nyanga*
    20- A. Pichot*
    21- G. Henson*
    22- S. Williams*

    23- J. Paul
    24- E. Andrews
    25- B. Cockbain
    26- L. Dallaglio*
    27- S. Larkham*
    28- J. Lewsey*
    29- D. Carter*
    30- L. Tuqiri

    * = star players

    Statisticly the best 30 players available on rugby06, in my opinion anywayz, debatable?...sure.
    Star players justify themselves so couple of the non-star players justified:
    Cockbain/Kay/Grewcock pretty much equal, I have a soft spot for the welsh, enter Cockbain! Tuqiri/Caucaunibuca/Howlett...all speed merchants in the 90s, Tuqiri the best utility.
  4. pieguyfly

    pieguyfly Guest

    Yeah i still dunno how tiquiri, caucau and howlett aren't stars? they are like the biggest wing freaks!
  5. hum don't you think french are (a bit) underrated in that game, honestly and even if you don't like them (only one star player ... who is not really one) ???? i don't see any in your lists whereas i can see many english ... i think the prgorammers don't watch much rugby ... the english team in rugby 06 is the one that won the wc in 2003 ...
  6. pieguyfly

    pieguyfly Guest

    I think the producers are very biased to english, even the english fans shud agree there once glorified team has had a form slump of late, even though it is still a good team, they are now not that super....

    As for France they are always underated...they are overlooked by the bookies even though they're a good team.
  7. davidson

    davidson Guest

    i reckon that was partly a political statement on eas part.

    they only had the liscence for a few french guys and they werent going to give stars to the
    unnoficial players with made up names, even the copies of real players who do (nyano or whatever)

    so players like betsen and harinordoquy etc (who wernt in the default french lineup) didnt get the stats
    and stars they deserved.

    plus they were always going to overrate the world champions. (england were the last team for me to beat
    on hard. wilkinson always slaughtered me!)
  8. thank you mates ... i also reckon that the english team is not overrated if its the 2003 wc team. but this is rugby 06 ... they've updated the welsh team due to their victory in 2005 6N but the french team in that game is very crap ...
  9. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Pain in the arse to play against though; because of a bug in the code all my players get injured.

    I was playing a 6 Nations yesterday and lost both of my scrum halves (Richards and Dawson) and fly half (Wilkinson) (ok, that's realistic) in one half of the match...

    It started with Hodgson ay half back feeding Wilko before he got crooked, then I had to move Hodgson to outside half and bring in Greenwood as a bloody number 9 as I'd run out of the buggers.

    Then I had to keep that paring for my final match :(

    Still won the grand slam though.

    For the record, as scrum halves go Greenwood on R06 is ****! :ph34r:
  10. ShowMe

    ShowMe Guest

    Hmmm, yeah i have noticed in the French lineup the real names, but they dont belong to any clubs it says none coz the fake ones have replaced them eg Michalak for France and Mallack for Toulouse.

    But there are so many overrated and underrated players in 06 its not funny.

    Ive actually made that team i posted up earlier and used the worcester strip, and then i made another team made up of all the left over players or the 2nd stringers, and used that team to play the R06XV (team i posted earlier)...yeah ive already given them a name haha i know its 30players but the AI never makes tactical subs, plus XV looks better lol, its a good challenge if you havent done it already.
  11. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    there is a way around the french bug. though it does run you out of subs right from the start.

    first when you choose your team move 5 players out (doesnt matter which 5) then just before kickoff bring them back in. this uses up all your subs but at least you wont have injuries to key players as it wont make you sub for injuries if you dont have any subs left
  12. or you use a guy's (don't remember who ??? :unsure: :D ) editor for that game.
  13. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    or you use a guy's (don't remember who ??? :unsure: :D ) editor for that game. [/b][/quote]

    Not much use on the Xbox version though... :(
  14. grabbers

    grabbers Guest

    I agree and Im pretty sure I know for a fact that they favord the england team way to much in the making of this game
  15. EVOL

    EVOL Guest

    sorry for going off topic but thought id post this for grabbers, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdXCVCqeKe4
  16. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    sorry for going off topic but thought id post this for grabbers, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdXCVCqeKe4

    Man that is way off topic!

    Yeah it does seem to favour England a lot.......even their default team can kick butt!
  17. pfff they've used the 2003 world champ team for england ... but they didn't notice that this is rugby 06 and not 04 ... two 6N tournaments have happened between the wc and the period they made the game ... but they didn't see england doing crap in it. i can see another reason, wich is totally on a money side : they want to sell games in england.

    there can't be any french player in that topic due to the **** stats EA gave (despite the supposed 2nd rank in world top 5) ... surprising isn't it ?
    it looks like a game made by the english for the english and i find it scandalous. EA are a f****** capitalist company that only want to make money. its not the values in the rugby world where honesty still means something. english ppl on this forum recognize england is doing ****.
  18. davidson

    davidson Guest

    well i wouldnt take it too personally.

    its only a game. and of course ea is a 'capitalist' company???!!!?

    france have probably come off poorly because you 'french capitalist pigdogs' sold the french league rights to somebody else.

    the uk games market is one of the largest in the world (probably why they are so poor at anything that actually involves going outside and kicking a ball around) so of course ea want to sell here.

    england are playing poorly but what would have been the point in making them worse than say scotland (sorry scotland) only to have them win a grand slam last year. as the game was made before last years 6N there was always that possibility (ie. they didnt know they would finish 4th). i think if the game were to be released now they probably would have a lower rating, but at the time ea didnt want to shoot themselves in the foot.

    im sure for the moment the french can take solice in the fact that they have an excellent rating in real life where it really matters, and take joy from watching the best team in the game bend england over the car bonnet in 3 weeks time.

    i will.
  19. hum sorry mate but they've used the 2003 english team ... u say they couldn't know the '06 tournament results ... its what i've said, they didn''t notice england finished 3rd in '04 and 4th in '05 !!! btw scotland are also underrated.
    I'll watch the autumn tests and enjoy england being kicked by ABs and then see the victory of france in lyon against these ABs, as 'ill be at the stadium :) :bleh!: B)
    i'm fed up that crap capitalism (comunism is also **** btw) leading to individualism and to **** on ppl for 2£.
  20. ShowMe

    ShowMe Guest

    wow, so the players stats on Rugby06 are they way they are becoz of capitalism. lmao this is great.
  21. england team is overrated because of that. do you think they could sell many games in england if they put the real team ... not sure.

    they should do one game every 4 years ... so they would not need to update the players stats every year !!! rugby is a static sport and it does never evoluate. don't you know players never progress by playing every week ???!!! doing **** for 2 years doesn''t mean you're crap !!!
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