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Lora, you cannot blame being drunk for your outbursts. If you are drunk in the future, don't come on here & post because you will end up getting banned.

You have calmed down greatly recently, we all don't want you going back to your old ways.
lol, its not my old ways, i just think hypocrycy < i hope thts the right spelling


anyways, i just wanted to get that off my chest, sees that everyone on these boards, can say whatever they like but as soon as i pipe up, then i get slandered a racist, ive said countless times that im not a racist!!

if they dont like the competition then dont post there negative vibes on here!!

maybe there jealous becuase they have to watch sides like leicster and sale week in week out, and we get to watch the scarlets, leinster and the ospreys every week!!
How can we be jealous? Seriously come on, how could we be jealous?! Especially when teams like Leicester and co get through most of the time to the final rounds of the HEC while the furthest a Welsh team has gotten has been the Semi Finals, maybe even a final once in a blue moon.

There is no hypocrisy Lora, where is the hypocrisy? I know the (heavily unbalanced and biased) Welsh Regions are dear to you Lora, but there is no grounds to suddenly start shouting "hypocrisy!"

The EDF Paper Cup is a competition with little or no value, and it needs to be dropped, pronto!

Even if the playoffs were removed, that just gets rid of three matches between four teams.

If the EDF Paper Cup was cut, it would free twenty six matches at least from the Guinness Premiership side. That is space in October for GP matches to go in so that the Autumn internationals are not interrupted, that is space in December for GP to go in so that the Six Nations are not disrupted as much.

When we talk about a streamlined, structured season, we mean a season without crap like this bunging up the calendar. Eventually the choice will be very clear: either we drop cynical money making crap like this, or we drop our commitments to International rugby. Because at the rate we are going at now, English rugby cannot commit itself to Autumn internationals AND cash crop cups like the EDF cup.

Besides, we already have a competition where English and Welsh sides can play each other, we've had it for the last decade, its called the Heineken Cup!

And as for the racism, maybe if you didn't go on about how you'd really, really, really, really, REALLY would love to beat England and see them in hell, burning, and then rub it in with as many swear words as possible to the nearest innocent bystander in a white jersey then maybe, just maybe, you'd be tolerated a little more here.

Just a point ;)
And a plus point for you, for proving me wrong when I thought that you couldn't hold a conversation.

You can, and I'm wrong.
People seem suprised Leicester were dull.

Leicester have always just tampled teams into submission with their forwards.

They have been doing it since the amateur days.

I can see them doing it to the Ospreys for 80 minutes in the final.
The main reason Leicesterwere dull was because burke couldn'tpass outside him, partly due to the aggressive defence of Sale. I thought the Welsh sides looked alot less aggressive in defence, and not as committed to spoiling the breakdown. Itwill be interestingto see what sideand playing style Tigers adopt versus ospreys
I'm not sure a totally objective approach is being taken here.
Now, i'm Welsh, so I'm gonna like the EDF, but i hear prestwick saying how there's just no point to it. I'd have to disagree, but that's only because it's deemed pointless to the English.
For the Welsh it allows us to watch the Welsh sides battle against teh English sides which is always a fun rivalry and not seen often enough in your average season. As a welsh supporter our clubs hav enot been doing well in the heineken cup as of late and so the main competition we watch is one good scottish outfit and 2 poor and one poor irish outfit, one boring outfit and 2 who just aren't interested in teh league only in the HEC.
So it's a nice change to get the English sides. I'm not sur ethe winner earns as much as the HEC winner, but the amount is still substantial and the Welsh clubs will take whatever they can.

I don't blame the English for disliking the competition, but i honestly thought that as much as the cup is trying to get as much money as it can it's still a nice change from your week in week out GP. And we tend to play a different brand of rugby and i'd like to think that the English fans who turned up on saturday saw a really entertaining match between the O's and blues.

I'm not trying to sound cynical or obnoxious with my next comment, but i'm trying to think of the positives of the tournament:

- get to play against reasonably good clubs
- experience a different kind of rugby more often
- a healthy sum could potentially be earned from winning it.

Apart from braggin rights and a wider range of foreign clubs to oppose, what makes the HEC so superior?

NB. I am in no way puting the EDF on the same platform as the HEC, I'm just trying to get the perspective of those on the other end.
I also thought that if the winner of the competition was an English club, they automatically qualify for the HC regardless of their standing in the GP. Or have they done away with that?

I think it's a good cometition, but if English fans aren't bothered, then what's the point.

Personally I think there's more fault with the GP than this cup. It's got a stupid relegation system that causes teams to overplay players and rush them back from injury. As a Welsh supporter I want all current Welsh international class players out of the GP and back in Wales. Look at Delve, huge potential but never fit to play for Wales and I blame the GP for this!

The playoff system is another mystery and a stupid system that ends up crowning the wrong team. I think the system us Celts have is alot better than what's to be had over the border, and most importantly is aimed at producing and protecting players for the national teams.
I'm sorry, but a lot of what you said there is rubbish.

The playoffs are an utterly abysmal idea, I have no qualms about that.

However, relegation has always been a part of the English league. My team may be propping up the table at the moment, but if we go down then we deserve to. It creates excitement at both ends of the league, making every match actually count for something, and gives clubs in the first division something to aim for.

Look at the Magners League. Some of the biggest teams, such as Munster and Leinster, couldn't care less about finishing top. Europe is their only real concern. Even if they were to finish bottom of the league it would hardly matter, it's not like they would go anywhere.

As for the comment about Delve, I think he is just an injury prone player.

Or mabye there is an English conspiracy to keep him out action just because he's Welsh. :rolleyes:
The difference is that the Magners legue is used by the Welsh, Irish and Scottish as a stepping stone to international rugby. The entire structure in these countries are set up to benefit the national teams.

That isn't the case in England where it appears to me that club rugby to many is more important than international.

You would be hard pushed to find a Welshman with that attitude. There's nothing wrong with either, just different priorities.

I was using Delve as an example. There always seems to be countless English internationals out at any given time. If something isn't done, there's just going to be one after another of Wilkinson's with huge potential, but always injured.

NZ have it right, they protect their players increadibly well, and they are reaping the rewards at international level.
I sense the English will take this cup more seriously because of the English pulling out of the HEC!
Yeah, will the EDF become far more prevalent now with the HEC out of the window?

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