EDF Energy National Trophy, 3rd round draw

Discussion in 'RFU Championship / British-Irish Cup' started by RoyalBlueStuey, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. <span style="color:black">Ties to be played on Saturday, December 8.

    Liverpool Echo
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  3. When do the NL1 sides get entered into this? I'm desperately hoping for an away tie at Henley.
  4. Sometime after the 8th I imagine...I think the games will be played on Jan 12th.

    The wiki entry seems a bit of a mess in regards to who goes in when though :

  5. Well that's our TRF Cup away day ballsed up...'loo got beat by Ealing (of all people)
  6. Still a number of teams who I could easily get to an away fixture for. Henley are there, Blackheath, Ealing and Richmond are only short hops - knowing my luck we'll actually get a home fixture.
  7. Well it didn't take long for my dream to be shattered. The draw for the 4th round of the competition is as follows:

    Blackheath v Halifax
    Cambridge v Rotherham Titans
    Doncaster Knights v Richmond
    Esher v Worthing
    Henley v Plymouth Albion
    Moseley v Birmingham & Solihull
    Mounts Bay v Coventry
    Nottingham v Newbury Blues
    Nuneaton v Launceston
    Otley v Bedford Blues
    Cornish Pirates v Northampton Saints
    Preston Grasshoppers v Blaydon
    Redruth v London Welsh
    Sedgley Park v Ealing
    Tynedale v Manchester
    Wharfedale v Exeter Chiefs

    Not particularly pleased with our draw, not only because I won't be able to go, but also because it's one of the toughest away matches you're likely to face outside the top flight.
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