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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by knowsleyroader, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. Just out of interest what was achieved exactly editing wise with 2005 ? I kind of get the feeling due to the bugs in the game maybe the editing frenzy died a little sooner than expected.

    Due to the dissapointment of RL2 I was wondering if the following is likely to be possible for R2006 ?

    Changing all the team names to Rugby League team names
    Changing all the kits to corresponding League kits ( Did you have a blank template like with RL1 ? )
    Changing the logos
    Changing all the player names and maybe even squad sizes.
    Would also like to be able to change the starting line up of the world league team so I could play as Saints in world league.

    Any of the above likely to be possible. This would replace RL1 for me if I can manage to sort the above out.

    At the moment though it just doesnt mean the same to me, Mr Bloggs stepping Mr Smith to scorch through for a try... Now Jamie Lyon giving Lesley Vinegar tits a big fend wouldnt half put a smile on my face [​IMG]

    I know its a bit daft in the scheme of things but think it crank the game up a real notch for me.

    So anyone who worked on 05 editing any answers ?
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  3. lazy_chesnut

    lazy_chesnut Guest

    Should be possible.

    Not sure about the team names as with EA games it seems to be that they are listed all over the place rather than in one place.

    Squads are done by assinging player IDs to suqds so not sure about sizes.

    I'll get going on a player editor as soon as I get the game, and at the moment that sounds like it'll be on release day!
  4. Couldnt you just search for every instance of the team name in the file though and replace them all with a given name or are the team names in many seperate files ?

    Really interested in changing everything to a league basis.
  5. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    It'd be possible mate, but in all honesty editing Rugby 2005 was about 100 times more time consuming and complex than editing RL1 or 2... I just gave up to be honest after spending hours on end looking for a single file. It's just the way EA organise their games for some reason. It's like they just don't want mods to edit them.
  6. Guess they think it ensures purchase of future versions even if they justchange a few strips and rosters. What a bugger. Seeing as its based on the fifa engine do u think it would be worth checking out some fifa mod forums for a few ideas ?
  7. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Lazy knows how to do it, but it just takes forever... 05 wasn't like RL1, 2 or WCR where it has a folder saying "teams" - "strips" etc, instead it's all in one huge file that's encrypted and each file in it have names like 70881b26007df3c1f230dbac2d493827.fsh, so you have to go through everything and it's a fair project... but with a bit of work it'll definately be possible.
  8. Noticed Inertia has been on this forum recently. I know he is great with editors. Maybe he will take a bit of interest this time around, maybe with a few working together they will come up with something.

    There are certainly loads of cricket editors around that have pretty much changed everything including strips, names and even beyond that. I realise there may be some big differences in how the two games are set out but fingers crossed.

    Hopefully if a lot more people see 06 as THE game of the moment though there will be a lot more interest in modding than there was with 05.

    Heres a whacky thought.

    Just looking at some of the cricket mods its amazing what they have been able to achieve.

    Imagine if someone could stop turnovers in the ruck.... well maybe allow one automatically every six tackles or so [​IMG]
  9. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Interesting idea, but you'd have to alter the programming and I'd imagine that'd require a degree in the area to achieve...
  10. Yeah it may be a bit beyond but I remember a few people saying they had done things with RL1 like reduce high tackles, stop sending offs, change camera angles and stuff. Actually the stopping turnovers might be possible I think it would be the getting it to turnover on the sixth tackle that would be beyond anyone.

    I did say it was wacky [​IMG]
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