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ELV changes



The Rugby Union community is thinking of applying ELV (Experimental Law Variations) changes to the current rules of the game. I listed here the ones that I think are most relevant:

Inside the 22 meter line
3. When a defending player receives the ball outside the 22 meter line and passes, puts or takes the ball back inside the 22, the following can occur:
a. If the ball is then kicked directly into touch, the line-out is in line with where the ball was kicked.
b. If a tackle, ruck or maul is subsequently formed or an opponent plays the ball and the ball is then kicked directly into touch, the line-out is where the ball crossed the touch line.

24. Defending players can pull down the maul.
26. If a maul becomes unplayable, the team not in possession at the start of the maul receives a free kick.
27. The ‘truck and trailer’ is no longer an offence.

28. The offside line for players who are not in the scrum and who are not the teams scrum half, is 5 meters behind the hindmost foot of the scrum.

Do you think these changes will make rugby more interesting and enjoyable to watch? Why?
Good to see you're interested in this mate.

There's alot more discussion on this in the Laws & Equipment section (General Rugby) under the thread "New Stellenbosche Laws" (I think)

Personally I think it will make the game better to watch. I'm worried that there will be alot more kicking back and forth now though. Teams seem to play alot of aerial ping-pong because they are reluctant to run the ball back for fear of losing possesion (which happens alot more now that rucks are more contestable).

But to cut a long story short, check out the thread mentioned above for more discussion on your topic.

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