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England's Centre Conundrum

england havent had any quality centres since greenwood retired and tindall turned awful.
Re: SBW. If we wanted an idiot who constantly makes speculative offloads, hasn't got a clue about defensive patterns and is seven shades of over-rated shite, we'd stick with Hape.

I know this may sound bit crazy but would England ever consider trying Ashton in the centre. He has good lines and could be good there. Yes I know they loose a winger of top notch but I think they have prospects that could be sorted somehow
hape is overrated i totally agree. but guess what sonny bill williams is a proven talent.. if you ever saw him play for the bulldogs being thier main leader at such a young age youd realise he is something very special.. funny picture by the way i hope you dont take this all that seriuosly sheesh
Matt Banahan should be nowhere near the England team as a centre, he is just about useful on the wing and even that is pushing it. Hape is not an international centre, and in all honesty England need Tindall at 13 even if he is only there as an experienced leader and calming influence. Tindall has been around for a long time and is I think very reliable, it was clear we missed him against Ireland.

Riki Flutey is a must for the World Cup, a creative player who has and can play at 10, someone who I think could take a huge amount of pressure off Floody's shoulders.
Manu Tuilagi comes up a lot as a player who could make an immediate impact, but I think it would be stupid to introduce too early to the international scene, although a definite for the WC squad as back-up to Tins.

Shame that Olly Barkley was injured last week, as it is going to take him a long time to fully recover from a second awful leg break, another player who could have made an impact at the world cup. Just throwing this out there - Jon Clarke from Northampton could make the step up, a player who has had a top season.
I'm not sure if having a kicking Centre is an "obsession" it just makes life easier if you can kick as a Centre cos the defence know that you're not just going to plow into their defensive line and stand off for a second or a half. Just watch Jamie Roberts, he's a big strong runner but every1 knows that now so they fill his channel with big tacklers and that usually kills off all of Wales' attacks.

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