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Job Centre


St Helens RLFC

Walking past the Job Centre in St Helens before, I was stunned.

I know society has plunged into chaos lately, but really... there was just a bunch of gobshites stood outside smoking, dressed in Burberry and tracksuits. You don't need to be on Job Seekers if you have all that gear! Go and get a job you idle scroungers!

God help them if I ever get the transfer I want to that building - I will shake them up to hell!

I was on the dole before, but I'm not a chav or don't smoke. I do agree though, there are lots of lazy gobshites around.
While the Left Wing Communist government keeps giving them the freebies, they're never going to get off their lazy arses.

Maybe we can have a chav hollocaust here? Round up all the chavs and put them in a gas chamber?

Hmmmm.... Which is the most right wing of the lot again...

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