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Euro vison 2006



Normally I just laugh at the Euro vision pop acts who mime & just look GAY.

But there is one country who is going for an alternative approach, it's Finland.

They're entry is a Metal Band 'Lordi' with their song, 'Hard Rock Hallelujah'

Here's what the lead singer looks like;



If you want to see they're music video go here

It is actually a very good song. Com'on Finland!
Just put it on and the order tonight for EuroVision is

* Switzerland
* Moldova
* Israel
* Latvia
* Norway
* Spain
* Malta
* Germany
* Denmark
* from Semi Final = Russia
* from Semi Final = FYR Macedonia
* Romania
* from Semi Final = Bosnia & Herzegovina
* from Semi Final = Lithuania
* United Kingdom
* Greece
* from Semi Final = Finland
* from Semi Final = Ukraine
* France
* Croatia
* from Semi Final = Ireland
* from Semi Final = Sweden
* from Semi Final = Turkey
* from Semi Final = Armenia

And if you have Digital you can press the Red Button and have the words pop ip on screen so you can sing along....

Quite looking forward to Lordi, if i was on the UK's Panel I would give them top marks....
Time to re-ignite my GTA: San Andreas game from 18 months ago, methinks....
Ahhh its fantastic!!!! U have to love Euro Vision even if its just for Old Wogans Ramblings... saying how crap the other entries are....

Wogan = EuroVision!!!!

Lithuania's entry, was fantastic, called We are the Winners of Eurovision!!!

They even have a Harry Hill look a like singing in the group....
Finland have mine as well!!! stopped watching it now.....

Best Ever Act in Eurovision History, the Lithuania one is the second best act in Eurovision History!!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
im so happy u sent that link! wow..... im so embarassed by the english effort, its not TOO cringeworthy....and then the actual singer comes on..a middle aged white rapper!
finlands entry is incredible, lithuanias was disgusting...havent listened to any others! recommendations!?
On behlaf of the nation I would like to appologise for the drivel that we;ve put forward, hopegully though this will see an end to Brian Kennedy's career, so it's not that bad.

Sweden will win btw
finlands song isnt actually that bad atall............'amazing' show, wogan is amazing! it wouldnt even be worth watching without him ripping the **** out of everyone involved! and did anyone see the brick from anchorman and the star of the 40 year old virgin presenting the polish vote!
Agreed, Terry Wogan's cynical comments are the only thing that make it acceptable to be put on TV.

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