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Everyone please read



OK everyone, we are currently having trouble with spam. For those of you who don't know, this is pointless posting that is just to get the post count up.

The board is here for people to give their opinions on rugby related stuff. It is a free service to all of you thanks to the people putting in a lot of money behind the scenes.

If we do not get this under control, it will not look at all like an attractive investment for the people behind it, therefore no forum.

Our request to you all, is please just keep the posts under control, there shouldn't be many opportunities to post a valid opinion in one line or less. All posts should be relevant and express an opinion, not just something to spark up an argument, or just to make you feel like you are a funny guy.

New staff members are being recruited to help out with this problem, and will be deleting any posts not worthy of being there. If a post of yours disappears, you will now know why.

Please everyone, can we just keep this under control, we want the forum staying alive and well. It takes effort from everyone.

Any problems, take it up with myself or umosay

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