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Exeter Chiefs vs Wasps(?) - Premiership Rugby 19/20 Final

Could well be a game of who makes the least mistakes here.
Great work after a milked penalty IMO he never attempted to lift the ball just trapped it in against the player seen plenty of those not given post lockdown.
I have a Wasps housemate and have been giving him an unmitigated amount of **** for the last two weeks. If Chiefs lose I may have to move out.
Naa go hard that they git lucky!!! Hehe
Who does the weather favour? I thought chiefs because Wasps like to go wide but tbh Chiefs like the freedom to keep the ball, wet ball makes that that bit harder.
How the hell is that not a penalty he’s on the floor and in front of the ball
Didn't expect Wasps second choice front row to be doing this well
As much as I’ve petitioned for Hill to get the England 5 shirt, this is the second week in a row that his poor defensive read has led to a try. Doesn’t look great for him.

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