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Exeter Chiefs vs Wasps(?) - Premiership Rugby 19/20 Final

Minozzi having a poor game so far. Has always looked much more assured on the wing than at 15 IMO.
How many times are Exe allowed to seal off its ridiculous
Honestly does Ewers ever enter a ruck on his feat..
Stupid by launch... ref says no....dont ask the questions while still holding on....didnt need to to watch if Joe got the pen kick because....come one
That was idiotic from Launchbury. Arguing with the ref while still doing the thing that the ref had asked him to stop doing.
Weather really has thrown this game up in the air. Neither side can play the game they prefer. Great to watch though.
Don't really understand why Devoto got the start when he's just been sent into heavy traffic every time he's gotten the ball. Whitten fills that role much better.
Nervous on this one, think chiefs are still favourites but stills
Wheels are starting to come off a bit for Exe - or at least starting to wobble
Ten or eleven metres isn't far, I don't care how wet it is. Am I wrong?
Why are players aloud to block the kick on a box kick? All teams do it.
How can a advancing maul be illegally taken down so close to the line with only a penalty

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