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Premiership Rugby 23/24 - Round 16

The problem with social media it gives a platform for emotional thoughts to be aired at an instant, whilst in the past someone would vent to a mate and ultimately get over it.

I mean it kicked off in the ground a bit as well from what I heard
God we always play so poorly vs Newcastle, and now a very generous yellow for Harper who could easily have been red carded for head on head
Commentary in the Glaws Exe game is so pro Exe it's unreal, gifting Glaws their try's but deserving in their, Glaws scored their only two opportunities, obviously forgetting Woodburns try saved early on, Exe are pretty dominant for the most part that much is true, that's doesn't constitute an automatic gifting on points though.
I hadn't realised until yesterday most wins was the first tie breaker, that could really come into it.
Happy with that win, some bad charge downs and still quite scrappy when it gets looser, but a strong performance and ill take the 5 points.

Leaguewise gives us a hope for the play offs but the stars would have to align, Quins and Bristol play each other on the last round and are both 4 points ahead already.
Celebrations for Fridays win went a bit wild, then
Yeah shocking really. Obviously innocent until found guilty, but this seems to be an open and shut case of too much booze and just gone off the rails in catastrophic fashion. Not great timing and he's let everyone down.
Said in other thread, he's in real danger of tarnishing his legacy.
Interesting, either he's telling porkies and it's been hushed or someone else sold a very inflated story to the media. Quite odd to get such wildly different accounts of the same event. I suspect reality is it was not just an "unfortunate misunderstanding" though.
Interesting, either he's telling porkies and it's been hushed or someone else sold a very inflated story to the media. Quite odd to get such wildly different accounts of the same event. I suspect reality is it was not just an "unfortunate misunderstanding" though.

Well having come out and said there was no fight or violence he's going to look a 24 carat plank if there was.

The Sarries hierarchy isn't daft. They'll want to be pretty sure of the facts before allowing that statement to go on club social media channels.
I mean, even the bar owner has now said that there wasn't really any violence on Vunipola's behalf (certainly not to the extent of threatening people with bottles, throwing chairs, etc.). Was just being very rowdy and refusing to leave.

There is a part in the story below where the owner says, "He also hit one of them (a policeman) with his shirt in his hand" which I'm a little confused by. Could either mean that he actually hit a policeman while his shirt was balled up in his hand, or that he used his shirt to just kinda flail at/whip the officer. I'm inclined to believe the latter since if he'd made a genuine attempt to punch/hit an officer then he'd surely be receiving a much steeper punishment/fine?

I don't think this ordeal tells us anything about Billy that we didn't already know. It's been well known for a while that the man can't handle his beer, but I still don't think he's a particularly violent person or anything.

Bar owner: 'Situation was getting tense'

The bar's owner, Toni Rocha, praised the police and his doormen for dealing with a "very difficult' and "very tense" situation, while backing up Vunipola's statement that there was no violence and denying that Vunipola had threatened customers and staff with bottles and chairs.

Rocha said that Vunipola had arrived at the bar at around 3am with another player which Telegraph Sport believes to be prop Marco Riccioni.

"It was just Billy and his friend but when they ordered the first round they asked for six Amarettos with orange juice and freshly squeezed lime," Rocha said. "I know because I served them. I'm pretty sure they drank them between the two of them, with Billy having four and the friend the other two.

The friend was fine but Billy started becoming a problem as he became drunker. I had to ask him to put his top on at one point when he took it off while he was at the bar.

He didn't threaten customers or staff with bottles or bar stalls or anything like that but he was annoying other customers by pushing them, not in a violent way, but elbowing them and bothering them.

He put his shirt on when I asked him to first time round. His friend who was co-operative at all times helped him put it back on. But then he took it off a second time and then a third and we decided to call police.

I'd already got the doormen involved to try to get him to leave and his friend was assisting us but there was just no way we could get him to abandon the premises and the situation was becoming very tense and we saw we were going to have a problem if we tried to use physical force to get him out. I warned his friend I was going to call police and he said: 'Do what you have to do.'

We thought he was going to calm down when he saw uniformed officers arrive but when the first police appeared on the scene he confronted them and they had to call for back-up.

It was around 4am and we still had more than an hour left before we were supposed to close. When the back-up arrived the police told us to clear the bar, put the lights on and cut the music.

The rugby player reacted by confronting the officers when they went to talk to him and insult them. I heard him saying 'f------ cops'. He also hit one of them with his shirt in his hand.

They tried to get him out and couldn't until they tasered him. He laughed the first time they went to taser him, it was like a film, and I heard the words 'Another one' and the second time round he fell to the ground and the officers immobilised him and put wrist-ties on him."

Summing up the incident, Rocha added: "It could have turned out very different and ended very badly because we were dealing with a strong man who was very drunk and was acting inappropriately and refusing requests for him to leave. We felt things could have got broken or he could have assaulted someone if we tried to force him out.

I didn't feel frightened, it was more a feeling of impotence that we couldn't get him to abandon the premises. But some clients, especially women clients, were feeling frightened and very uncomfortable."
Wonder if the sarries money has Influenced the bar owners words at all? A little hush money maybe.

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