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Premiership Rugby 23/24 - Round 13

Genuinely thought Lawrence had a scrumcap on initially

What is it with rugby players and peroxide? RdP has done the same
What a carry from Hill down the wing,
Very jouex jouex try, Redpath had no right to make that offload

Don't know why they're saying that hit on the bath 4 was "very late" - clearly committed before the ball went
That said it was a classic LCD shin breaker, and I hate them
Coka hurts his wrist there.

And aggravated it there, and I'm obviously on a delay compared to Olly
Far from a perfect half but we're unrecognisable from the last however many games
Feels like Bath should be up by more than 4.
But it's our fault that we're not. Too many little individual errors.

Bath need to tighten up, Sale need to start taking advantage if we don't.

Both teams have plenty of room for improvement with a good HT chat.

Rodd's having a stormer oitside of the scrum (no idea about inside)
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Barbeary a tactical sub at half time is odd

Edit: Guess precautionary subs don't get classed as injuries, makes sense
Can't even credit Roebuck with that (though the step around Russell was nice), that was an awful decision from Spencer, Roebuck didn't really have to move to intercept it
Oz needs to shut up about the reffing.
Ref actively called it backwards. Right or wrong*, you can't claim he didn't see it.

Oz seems to think only one team is offending.

* IMO it goes backwards, and they're virtually always given as forwards anyway

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