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Premiership Rugby 23/24 - Round 13

Stupid scheduling - why have two clash on Friday?
Leicester for TV reasons, Bristol because... they requested it? Certainly wouldn't be the first time a team prefers to play on a Friday - as any Sale fan should know.
I think the home team will win again, it's Leicester's turn to beat Gloucester. I hope I'm wrong of course. 1710991113480.png I agree with those who mentioned stupid scheduling.
Only just clocked that the Bristol saints game is on discord plus? Not seen that before, is that new? And what the hell is discovery plus.
Discovery own TNT, so guess it's just saying that it's app only (like BT did during the pandemic)

I get Discovery with my phone contract (used to be BT Sport) so I've been watching all rugby through it this season, as I don't get the channel
Waiting to see what team Tigers put out before I decide whether to go or not.
Was looking at the last game of the season at Bath. But not paying £99 to sit in the wreck.
Surprised to see Cole and Chessum go straight back in - guess that confirms that EPS rest periods are (still?) "X weeks in the next Y months", rather than the old "X weeks following the international period"

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