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Premiership Rugby 23/24 - Round 14

The South African lock was sent to the sin-bin after 63 minutes and 52 seconds of what turned into one of the matches of the season.

Herbst should have been off the field for 10 minutes, but television pictures showed him returning to the action after 70 minutes and 51 seconds - a full three minutes early.

Herbst then made a tackle and cleared out a ruck after 71 minutes and 58 seconds as Quins held on in the face of a ferocious Bath comeback from 40-3 down early in the second half.

That was longer back on the pitch than I had thought.
A few seconds, and I couldn't care less.
A minute or so, and I can be pretty sanguine as it's unlikely to have changed much.
But 3 full minutes, whilst we were running rampant is huge, and match-changing.

I'm rather less chilled about it than I had been.

Will be interesting to see what RFU procedures are here. Not the ref's fault, but is it 4th official? Player? Coaches? Then we can find out if it's an honest cock-up or unacceptable cheating.

For now, I think we have to assume honest cock-up giving 10 minutes of time passed rather than the match clock. In which case 4th official needs to go back to school. If instigated by anyone from Quin's then it's going to get messy, probable points penalty, possible forfeit.
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Quins were definitely better but a clearly wrong knock on decision that led to a try and then a massively reduced yellow card period... Bath have a right to feel aggrieved.
Sale will be out for blood today after we nilled them at Sandy Park. I hope we've got a better game plan that smashy smashy and the Welsh duo can hit the ground running. In any case, Will Rigg is exciting for his first start as he has some real violence about him in the carry.
"The RFU Professional Game Match Officials Team (PGMOT) acknowledge and apologise for an error during the Gallagher Premiership match between Harlequins v Bath where a yellow card sanction resulted in Irne Herbst returning to the pitch approximately three minutes too soon.

"We would like to apologise to both teams for this mistake. As is the usual process the PGMOT will review all games to ensure continued improvement and learnings. The result of the match remains final."
So yup, 4th official error.
Quite right that the result remains final (I would ask "was anyone questioning that?" but then I remembered that Ruck and Planet Rugby exist - and they seem to think that any match with any controversy should at least be replayed)

I'm sure Harlequins are very grateful for the apology.
I strong win today and could be up into second! But crazy season that Tigers in 7th is also potentially 1BP win from 2nd.

Also great to see Tshiunza back c
What do we think of the bouncing off the head rule? Was it Marler for England and O Flaherty just then. Its an odd rule, doesnt happen often enough to really matter tbh.
What do we think of the bouncing off the head rule? Was it Marler for England and O Flaherty just then. Its an odd rule, doesnt happen often enough to really matter tbh.
Knock on is about having "control".
Hands, or close enough to be the hands = control (or "should have had control").
From that basis, then torso could be a matter for discussion, but not really head or below the hip
That's harsh against Hodge, clear legitimate attempt to catch the ball
That YC for Hodge has really annoyed me, i always try to look at both sides but if he went with 2 hands and wasnt far off then how is that worse than Manu' attempt? I wasnt even calling for that to be yellow tbh. But Hodge was such a good attempt that had a real chance of him being away.

Is there any actual reason why it deserves a yellow?

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