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Premiership Rugby 23/24 Semi finals

Penalty only makes sense in terms of laws, but I reckon at least 5 or 6 of those are missed each game.
Wtf was that knee in the throat / upper chest of a Bath player on the ground?
Looks like we've forgotten that you need to get over the line not just into the 5m!
I'll take 3pts down considering the general feel of that half - we've been in the Bath 22 a decent amount but Bath have felt pretty in control throughout

Hoping that the ferocity/energy of their defence tires them in the second half, but that's wishful thinking, especially with the 6:2
Good, close game so far. Bath looked like they could build a big lead, but Sale have got themselves in touching distance. All to play for in the second half.
Pearce definitely times his last pregame shave down to the minute for the right amount of stubble
No idea what is going on the scrums but Harper is just about holding his own, which is more than I'd hoped for so he's probably worth a look over the summer
Like that T Curry has been out for almost a year but still comes in with a split eyebrow bandaged up
Feel like the posts is the wrong call here, go to the corner and we infringe again and we probably lose someone to the bin

Points are points though, I guess
Forward pass?
Or is it my bias?

ETA: Very flat, but is flat

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