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Fa'atau82's RC2006 kit/team editing thread



Hi all.

Welcome to my editing thread. This is basically for any of my updates (squads, kits, balls, teams etc) for RC2006.

At the moment i have added NEC Harlequins to the game. I have decided to replace the Super 12's with 'extra' teams which i will decide.. i have to try to adapt the faces of the players to other teams.

However, some of the teams currently in the game and are correct i might be able to edit as well (kits, squads and hopefully faces at some stage) to make retro teams, like Bath, Leicester, Saracens, Lions etc.

I am working on a retro 'patch' that could be playable along with the original game. This would be in the form of booting the new saved files instead of the original ones, so you can play both games, but not at the same time. At the moment, if this is the case, it would have to be manual, and you'd have to just copy the files as you wanted.

But, in any case it might out some life into the game.
Ok, here is what i have done so far.

BALLS:- Just Samoa for the moment, but i can take requests.

KITS:- Australia H 2007, NZ H 2007, SA H 2007, Samoa H/A 2007, Fiji H 2007, Italy H 2007. I plan to do Argentina, Ireland, England's new one and France soon.

SQUADS:- I have updated rosters for Australia, SA, NZ, Fiji, NZ, Georgia, Japan, Uruguay, Argentina, Canada, USA, Tonga and and a few others. The faces are matched as quite well in some teams, and Australia does have a black george gregan. Pity NZ have one black player, when they have at least 4 in the team.. i will try to fix that.

If anyone wants the graphics please ask for them here and i will post them up. I will do rosters anyway when i have time.
Nice work, could you post up some in game screenies of what you've done please?
Thanks in advance
Unfortunately this game is uneditable. I got hacked off so i bought Rugby 06 for PC. Much better game, and you can mod it as much as you like. It is much more like rugby than RC2006, which has better passing and is a little less jerky, but ultimately, compared to R06, it has a lifespan of about 4 weeks.
Doesn't it do him void for RC2006 then?
it is a true sin... In effects, you are also hocked with your MegaPatch for Rugby 08, and I don't want to steal you other time. Bye :)
In all honestly, i found this game promising, but extremely difficult to edit to anything in real life.

The only thing it has over EA rugby is the licence for Top14.
Agree with you, so bloody hard to edit. PRM and PRM2 are a doddle to edit, hopefully they may bring out a PRM3.


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