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With thier new superstar face or whatever they're calling it. I read that they'll have photo quality detail of the top 100 players, who do you think they will have gotten for the game?
Or more importantly who would they have left out? New players or injured ones etc
Mainly the international players (top teams)

Even the players that have been left out should still look pretty accurate
If it's only 100, quick math shows us they can do 6 starting XV with 10 additional.

But, it's 'star' heads, so it'll be a good handful on each squad with the big names and not the entire squad.
funnily enough one of the players with their faces modeled was Simon Easterby (irish back row), He's hardly one of the star names of world rugby (he's a great player though).
shattered i dont see them modelling any of the pacific island palyers then... bar rupeni caucau and maybe the chiropractor!

hopefully they model sumone from the tongan team!!!
not that tongan team that went to the world cupthe real guys like taunaholo taufahema or siua taumalolo i hope they make those guys in the game so you can choose em to play for tonga i think the only tongans youll recognize would be howlett lomu smith lol well mayb not lomu

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