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Famous Faces

Do u think that the inclusion of the Player Editor was worth EA's time and money.

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Mr. Laxative

I've noticed that in create a player they have included names such as Wood, Roff, Eales, Lomu. I want to know which ones u have found for example Farr-Jones, maybe?
I've been thinking, do you know the pre-made faces you can edit, maybe they are players from the past? I haven't really studied them closely to check, but it makes sense.
Well sort of. He said he was. Then he got an offer from a club in Japan i think he's playing with Ipo Fenukitau now. Hopefully Roff will fall in to temtation to play for Wallabies. He's made himself unavailable for selection but Eddie wants him in the team.
He is much better than Sailor an Rogers, never forget the try he scored in the 2nd test against the Lions.
Originally posted by harrison2468@Mar 28 2005, 09:18 AM
He is much better than Sailor an Rogers, never forget the try he scored in the 2nd test against the Lions.
U mean u'll never forget the 2 tries he scored to keep us in the series? Now back to the topic famous faces to create in the game?
Yeah alrite, but I was talkin bout the intercept from Jonny's pass. Turned the series. Any1 created left out players like Sheridan an Gordon Ross? R there names there?
Yep that was a great try. My fave though was the scrum. We pushed em off the ball they tried to collapse but Eales had the ball at the back and flicked it to Herbet who gave it to roff to score. Speaking of Eales i created him (on PS2) look alright but they didn't include head tape in player accessories.
Don't plzzzz. Anyway why haven't they included head tape in the player editor. It isn't all that popular now but comeon if there are players in the game that have, surely they would have to put in head tape - agree?
Good point but the player editor is very weak past the face appearance. There r only 4 body types coz in real life, player's weights an heights only hav 4 varations? Yeah rite! I wear headtape occasionally an im backrow so I don't c no reason why it ain't there.
In 2**4 EA included something like 24 bodies - Correct? They have no excuse 2 have only 4 in '05.
Can't remember 2004 (should I censor that) as I try to leave it in the corner of my room. EA seem 2 hav taken 5 steps forward with 2005 but 1 step bac. Can't complain 2 much bout 2005 as it is good, but lookin 4 more improvement in 2006 when it cums round, like actually updating stats by a serious amount.
Yes u should censor it and yes they did have a number of bodies that is definately over the amount of 10.
Sorry. In 2**4 thou, there wasn't any reason 2 make a player as playing the game was 2 painful.
Yeah, u didn't have 2 create a player to make the game easier. u couldn't make it easier than what it already was.
Not tryin to be critical or anythin but who voted for yes? I said no because it's not in depth enough like the madden creation. It would have been great to spend time and money on if it was like that. Having said that i have created a few famous players and one of my own. Stil the editor isn't great.
It sucks, its hard to get any real likeness, and nose warping aside, my players seem to all have heads that are too big for their bodies. If you want to see a good player editor get fight night round 2 its awsome.
What platform u using? Players that i have made never get warped noses. I use PS2.

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