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FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer?



I've got very strong reservations about buying Rugby 2006, as if it's anything like Rugby 2005 it will be the FIFA of Rugby games. I really dislike FIFA games and find them very boring, very quickly. However I love Pro Evolution Soccer because it's really easy, you rarely score the same goal over and over, unlike FIFA, and I found that Rugby 2005 was the same as FIFA scoring in exactly the same way virtually everytime. Even on harder difficulties, the opponents don't play better Rugby they just cheat. Now this happens on a lot of games but on the good ones like PES, the performance also improves...

So is this just another FIFA-esque EA sports classic, or is it a real simulation?
IMO R06 is a simulation in its own way but, it still replicates some aspects to R05's gameplay...

It has new features and has kept me hooked so far but, I was a tad dissapointed with it but not enough to regret renting it or still wanting my own copy.
It's not in same league as PES - if they ever brought out a rugby game like that then we'd all have to give up our jobs just to get enough playing time for it.

BUT, it's the best video rugby game I have played, definitely more of a sim than an arcade game, which suites me. It does play similar to 2005, but main improvements are :

- offloads (this is the biggest change, really improves the game)
- not so tied in to pre-set animations (not up to Madden/ESPN standards yet though)
- significantly better ball dynamics (especially on kicking)
- when players take a pass, they do not stop dead for about 3 seconds before moving forward (like they did in R2005)

I too hate FIFA and am a PES fan. I bought R2006 for PC and don't regret it though. I rated R2005 at 60% when it came out, I rank R2006 at about 70%. It still has many flaws, but if EA can improve the game in the same way each year then in about 3-4 years we'll all be in rugby gaming utopia (imo).
true, but in a year or so we will have the first rugby game for next generation consoles and that'll be spectacular