First Player to buy in WL?

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by USArugger, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. USArugger

    USArugger Guest

    I just won DIV 1 in normal and I started over in hard with Edinburgh. I lost my first match 19-0, and I learned that it's a whole new ballgame. I want to get the absolute best deal and the most impact from my first trade since it looks like points will be hard to come by initially. Any suggestions for the first guy to pick up? I am thinking a kicker or a fast center/winger.
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  3. pick up Aaron Mauger he is cheap and a good kicker. Or try Arbizu from Argentina he is also pretty good.
  4. abes58

    abes58 Guest

    Nick Evans is a good cheap kicker. CauCau out wide has a lot of pace and worth the money. Chris Jack is cheap and you'll steal a LOT of lineouts with him at the front of the line.

    Any of them are good, depending on what style you play.
  5. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    Nick Evans - on stats alone ...I'm not sure he is really good enough...Mauger is too expensive to get when you are struggling.... [​IMG] .....

    You have two options......(statistically these are not uo for debate)

    players who you will eventually loathe being in your team when your whole squad is strong because they are too good but also cheap enough to warrant immediate selection for anyone struggling....

    Caucaunibuca - I bought him and immediately won four of the last five games on ahrd with no other signing!!!! [​IMG] he is simply devastating.
    Howlett - all-rounder and deadly stats on pace etc...
    Tuilevu (find in fiji team) - cheap, but 89 pace, 93 agility etc and other stats reasonable too....
    Japanese winger Onahota (Ohata) - 98 pace - fastest man in the game.....

    doog, enduring players who are great but escape my self-imposed no one over 90 pace rule.....are =

    Tune - cheap but great in many positions....high 80s in many stats - great finisher and shrugs off tackles sometimes....
    Irish reserve fullback - has 90 pace - can't remember his name soory.

    But I recommend as your very first buy.......someone who is the diamond in the rough of rugby 2005.....

    The other Japanese!
    He is 35......and has terrific finishing and breaking skills with 80 for hands etc but also 89 pace and 90+ in acceleration and top it of.....
    He is a kicker!!!! with 87 for goal kicking........
    He's not TOO good...yet he fulfills roles in the team magnificently.....

    I conquered World League on hard and so have recently restarted it......with self-imposed no one over 90 pace rule....
    I have bought only two players so far (as I got my ass handed to me throughout the initial season (as you sometimes do...hehe) with only four wins and a draw.)...

    The two players are Tune and that Japanese winger/goal kicker who is NOT Ohata (the other one - the 11)...

    I am now teo from two and into the 2nd round of the knockout cup.....more challenging with out all-out pace and, perhaps as a result, more enjoyable.
  6. BOKean

    BOKean Guest

    BRIAN HABANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. USArugger

    USArugger Guest

    Thanks gents,

    It might be awhile until I have to worry about buying anyone. I have lost my first four matches. The only bright spot is that I actually scored my first two tries in the last match. This first season will be ugly. I need a kicker and a fast guy so I just might go with the Japanese guy. I bought Paterson in my last WL and he worked out OK as a pretty fast guy and a decent kicker.
  8. thats why u play well [​IMG]

    I have learned not to run the ball at all in world league and as a result am completely dominating. I am winning every game in division 3 with my current team and have scored almost all my tries off small forward play and kicking. I just set my self up with kicks downfield and have Mauger drop goal like 10 times a game. My second season I am 5 and 0 and have advanced to knockout quarter finals with my crappy ass division 3 team. I just bought Brian Lima too to give myself a good crash ball centre for Mauger to use. My next purchase is going to be a stronger pack so I can retain the ball better and get myself a fast cheap winger probably ohata from Japan. After that I want to get a good flyhalf and move Mauger back to centre to give me Lima and Mauger at centre.
  9. wr50l

    wr50l Guest

    Gordon Bulloch is a very good hooker and I go for him usually as to be honest, the original player is pish! I then save up for a stand off (Mehrtens).
  10. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest


    as a kiwi I can;t condone such rugby.....I like to get the bonus points etc for four tries and my wings to the bulk of the scoring.....

    My new team has won third division trophy and now I am 2 from 3 in the 2nd division..(the 2nd division cup is the only cup left on hard level for me to away!)

    backline members now are (no one over 90 pace rule) =

    The Jap winger/centre/kicker (Japan - obviously)
    Ben Tune (Australia)
    Ollie Smith (England)
    Danielli (Scotland)
    Vunibaka (Fiji)

    I like multinational, multicultural teams! Each player will be from a different country...

    You say that you will not run in tries? in the backline? You can put that idea firmly on the backburner if you buy Ohata - he has 98 pace and I have scored tries on hard out of the in-goal.....that's what ruined it for me (sort of - cos good fun and skill too) my last season I played (still saved) of World League division one my team was too good (Wilkinson, Caucau, Ohata, BOD, Niekirk, Stringer, jeremy paul, Bill Young, Robinson, Tuilevu etc etc etc)...try scorers for last year were Caucau (25) and Ohata (28 tries!!!!) - crazy!

    I recommend you don't get Ohata - if you are not great at running moves etc and keeping it still shouldn't go higher than Tuqiri (93 pace) - but that's just IMO...and a way to prolong your enjoyment of playing with the team and being challenged by the better teams (Leicester, Blues, Crusaders, Brumbies etc).

  11. i tend to do the same thing. sort of. i like to have players from all over the place, or i might as well do a super12 game, or trinations or something. ****** me off aswell when i move up a difficulty (normal to hard) and i try to make a new team, use as little amount of players from last game.
  12. USArugger

    USArugger Guest

    I ACTUALLY WON A WL GAME ON HARD!!!!!!! 15-0. So now I an a smashing 1-6.
  13. USArugger

    USArugger Guest

    I picked up Danielli. He adds a bit of speed, but I haven't noticed a huge difference. He did score a sweet try off a line-out from about 25m out. Nawalli got the ball off just as he got crushed and Danielli sprinted in untouched.
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