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fitness programs



Hey I was interested to know what the international teams fitness programs were like. If anyone knows what they are or knows a site which includes them that would be great. thanks
Click Here!
That webpage from Rugby.ie gives the best info I've seen. I think most of the international teams keep the actual details pretty hush hush, but I can only imagine the higher up it goes the more player specific it gets. The best info you could hope for is something written by a former or present rugby international or general information (like the above link) written by a top level trainer.
Here's a good fitness programme:

Find a steep hill, and run up and down it till your sick. Then run some more.
ahhh yes good advice...ive done that before many-a-time...it gets you really sick up in the head aswell, its a terrible feeling lol but all worth it hehehahaha

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