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Discussion in 'NRL / Southern Hemisphere' started by sambãd5, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. i dont think that we have it on prime anymore but - is it even still getting filmed in oz? both thrus and sunday footyshows were great, along with boots and all, and the sunday roast were excellent shows. ive got the best of footyshow on dvd and its a real laugh.
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  3. melon

    melon Guest

    Yeah, The Footy Show is still being produced. I can't ever see it disappearing or even moving time slots.

    The best of DVDs are class. Have you got the original best of? The one from the start to 2002? The other ones are terrific as well.

    Boots n All, The Sunday Footy Show, and The Sunday Roast are all on as well.
  4. Radman

    Radman Guest

    Sky has the footy show, sunday footy show and the roast now along with all the games mostly live.
  5. Hamster

    Hamster Guest

    Did anyone catch the Sonny Bill part 2 interview? waiting for someone to post it on youtube..
  6. BLR

    BLR Guest

    The NRL Footy show is 100 times better then that hack of a show, the AFL version.....unfortunately the NRL version only gets shown at about midnight over there while the AFL version gets prime time..... :zzz:
  7. melon

    melon Guest

    Haha suck in to you guys in WA.

    We get it at the beautiful time of 9:30am :D

    How funny was Robbo's return!!!

  8. yeah the 94-02 one. its classic stuff. we had (for some strange reason) the afl show too. and belive it or not we also had afl games aswell! that only lasted one season thank god! but te afl show had NOTHING on the nrl one. i guess it is because the nrl one is mostly entertainment, with a side of actual sport. a bit like trf actually....
  9. Hamster

    Hamster Guest

    Hey Melon or anyone that watched the Footy Show. Did you catch Sonny Bills interview part 2 last Thursday? The one where it shows the sneak peak "My respect for him as deminished" .. My bet it's talking about Willy Mason :D

    Here's the interview part 1 incase you havent seen it, really liked it myself.
  10. melon

    melon Guest

    Yeah I caught that, and he was talking about Mason. The rest of the interview was dominated about him pleading his case about playing Origin.

    He had a choice between Australia and NZ at the start of his NRL career and he chose NZ with full awareness that he wouldn't be able to play Origin because of choice. He needs to live with that decision.

    SBW claims he should be able to play Origin because he played NSW 17s and NSW 19s. This was taken in to account at the start of his NRL career and as a result he was offered to pledge his allegence to Australia, allowing him to blaze a trail towards Origin, but he turned his back on that. Time for him to start building a bridge to get over it!
  11. Hamster

    Hamster Guest

    Agreed mate. Its mainly NSW that are trying to get the New Zealanders to play origin cos they are hopeless, but its about tradition and passion in where you have grown up, he's only been in Australia since he was 16. Karmichael Hunt was in the exact same position, came to Australia when he was 11, had the choice between Australia and NZ and chose Australia for the main fact he really wanted to play for Queensland. NRL is becoming half polynesian anyway, wouldnt be good if New Zealanders were allowed to as it would mainly suit NSW as most of them play in Sydney. If New Zealanders are allowed to play origin I probably would turn my back on origin.
  12. you see thats the problem. i think that a nzer should be able to play origin aswell (which they have hamster, karl michealhunt, tony carrol etc)


    not be given the choice in the first place. they really need to stricten up or soften up. at the moment, weve DO have players who have played both such as carrol, yet we have people like sbw who already have represented their state...
  13. melon

    melon Guest

    Sambad, Tonie Carrol is an exception, the same as Luke Ricketson who played for Ireland and another couple of players. These players were all caught up with all kinds of bullshit during the Super League war in Australia and as a result were given a kind of international clean slate to start with Australia again in the NRL. There were many many different factors.

    Karmichael Hunt pledged his allegiance to Australia at the start of his NRL career. Nothing wrong with that.

    Why should SBW be able to represent an Australian state?
  14. because he already has....

    but dont get me wrong, i personally dont think that he should. but i also dont think anyone eligible for nz should. i dont think they should get a choice. i think that in extreme circumstances they should be given a choice, but thats like, moved to oz when they were 5, and have at least one australian parent - prefrably 3

    melon from;#entry308007

    surely this is a contradiction to this thread, surely!

    i think that if you want to play for your country, you play for your country. none of this nana bullshit. and if their were to be a world war, they should be fighting for the country they are playing for [/extreme example]
  15. melon

    melon Guest

    I realised you would bring that up as soon as I wrote it.

    What has been said in that thread was fact, or as close to it as possible.
    What has been said in this thread is my opinion :).

    He has already played for NSW because he moved over from NZ and they were the only rep teams he could make. He HAD to play for them to progress in his career, and although he HAD to, he would've enjoyed the honour. Thats Junior football. Thats over.

    He is now a professional. In his professional career he has pledged allegiance to the New Zealand representative scene.

    The Australian standard representative scence encompases internationals (Kangaroos), national/interstate (NSW, QLD s.o.o teams) and regional (City and Country).
    The New Zealand standard representative scence only encompasses internationals (Kiwis).

    He wanted to be with the latter mentioned international scence, so thats the one he gets.

  16. haha like a FOX.

    i just think, that at the current situation, rugby league is full of contradictory terms. SBW and KMH should both be playing for nz. or they should both be be playing for oz. they are in exactly the same situation. there is no diffrence apart from kmh had more ambition to play for origin. whereas sbw though that it would help his carrer playing for nz.
  17. melon

    melon Guest

    I hear what your saying mate, buy I just can't stand to think of "outsiders" being able to play State Of Origin. Justification won't help strengthen this, thats just the way I feel.

    The S.O.O series is what it is. Full blooded Australian. Maybe we have shot outselves in the foot though by allowing foreign junior players the option to choose Australia as representative country? Maybe we have, but we aren't fully stuffed yet. Has this original view of S.O.O being the ultimate Aussie battle of rugby league been tarnished already? Yes, to a certain extent. Names such as Carrol and Hunt abound, but only if we look back and criticise them. They're fine though. I'm proud they have played for my origin team.

    So maybe new rules should be put in place to block foreign juniors from having the choice to pledge their allegiance to Australia when they commence professional rugby league, unless they came here before high school.

    I'm just drivelling **** now, i don't think i'm making much of a point at all anymore...oh well.
  18. lol dont worry, i was like that about 4 posts ago, and really we are on the same page. forigners shouldnt be alloud to play origin. but who can blame them for trying. untill there is a successful international competition going, or AT LEAST get a kiwis side that can come close to matching the aussies, its just something were going to have to put up with.
  19. melon

    melon Guest

    All they want is a decent competition I suppose.

    I've always supported there being 2 Australian teams, whether that be in the form of the Kangaroos and Australia 'A', or NSW and QLD in the same series as the kiwis and GB.

    Who knows what can be done, but something damn well needs to be!

    Think tank...
  20. Love the NRL footy show it leaves the AFL one in the dust.The initiation of Laurie Daley to the footy show was classic :lol: also its great that sterlo is back. :)
  21. FDZ

    FDZ Guest

    NRL footy show definetly leaves the AFL shows in the dust!
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