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kalahari.net still says febuary, but i cant see it happening.
why t hell is SA always so far behind everyone else, whe dont even have XBOX here!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeesh thats gotta suck - what format of game do u have there? Cos you may be able to import it ;)
We have PC and PS2

But importing can work its just - NO 1 DELIVERS TO SA , Not Play.com nor amazon

AG ffs.

Just phoned my local CNA here in pretoria and they said en of March.

Im going to skin sum1 im sure
hey Cain
i just went to ask cna in gateway durban and they dont even now of it yet!!!!

but if cna in pretoria says end of march im going to ask my brother in uk to buy it and post it over, but then again with our postal service it will prob only get here end of march!!!!!!!!
Originally posted by Bull@Feb 15 2006, 12:01 AM
try lik-sang.com. Luckily I've got a Xbox! :p
i also have an xbox.

have you already got the xbox version?

Kalahari, has the date as 23 Feb.
But last year I also pre-ordered the game from them and come release day I phoned and asked when can I expected to get my game and they said it was in stock but not unpacked yet. So I asked the lady when does she think it will be shipped "oh sometime next week" was what she said. I ended up spending R50 more to buy the game at CNA.

So if Kalahari get the game on the 23rd I will only see it the week after.
Doesn't it just suck living in a third world country.
Any1 who hasn't the game yet can check its review at IGN. It git 8.3 for both Xbox n PS2.

Can't EA understand that we just want to play Rugby06 before freaken Rugby07 comes out


ERm Guys

Bad News

BTgames.co.za have updated their site aswell - ETA 6 March 2006.

IM really getting ****** off with EA South Africa , they did the same thing last year.

F&cking ********

Well the same thing happend last year.

Websites also said 23rd Feb and the game came into shops on the 7th of March.

If that happens again , oooo jirre EA gaan van my hoor


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