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For guys who have created Lomu



Hey all i no lomu is already playing for the blues etc but i was kinda dissappionted with his stats so i was considering creating a diff version of him to play in blues and NZ international
My question is this: How would you recommend I edit the NZ squad to fit him in?? and has anyone got any creation tips for his stats and appearance?

Before anyone accuses me of been dumb or anythin can i just say that im english so while i love watchin the southern hemispehere teams (NZ in particular) it can be difficult to keep up with teams etc
Thanks in advance for any help that can be given
I made jonah, but his bald head seemed to cause graphical malfunction in internationals, one minute hed be balled, then hav hair then balled again. This didnt happen when i put him on cardiff. I made him about 6 foot 8 and real heavy, although unrealistic, it made him standout on the wing like he used to.
I found that no matter how great the stats were for my created lomu, he was never able to break as many tackles as Lamo, or cover the fullback position when the fullback came up to the line as Lamo did. I guess its the individual player ai.

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