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Could someone at Sidhe confirm (or not) if form ratings will be in the game???

Form ratings add so much to sports games due to the fact that they make you actually toy with the idea of swapping players from within your starting lineup if some of your starting/better players are showing below normal form.

It also leads to more varied play during games. For instance it gives Souths a better chance of beating the Roosters if key Roosters players are playing below optimum form......

Also some players are reknown for not always playing at their best (usually shown by a "consistancy" rating), but when they do they have a blinder (Clinton Toopi comes to mind as one/actually most of the warriors team!!). These type of players can thus be accurately created in the game.

As it stands in SJRL 1 and rugby 2005 when you play a game you are always playing with players who are operating at their optimum performance. This is very unrealistic, especially during franchise/career type modes.

The PES series has had form ratings for some time. There are five different levels (Excellent, very good, average, below average, poor) and these change from game to game based on a variety of factors/other player ratings (ie. consistancy). Basically the different levels change a set percentage of the players gameplay ratings for that game only. Hence at "very poor" a player will play 10-20% less then their normal ability.

I can only hope that this has been implemented into the new version.
Yes, Yes and Yes

and also incorporate a progression rating for rookies coming thru the draft

u dont wanna sign guys that have a fixed overall rating - ie u know how good they are and ever will be before they even play their first match

u want them to be just like rookies in real life - inexperienced etc.......only to become the animal u anticipated them to be in 3-4 yrs time.

have like a life graph line that shows there peak yrs etc like PES

ie have Big Ruben Wikis bar go north from the outset
have joey johns bar peak at 29-30, then go southward thereafter with injuries
and ur 2nd yr syndrome players
the Mclindens come out of the draft looking like the next big thing, only to suffer in the 2nd yr with a massive form drop

u'd have 5 types of players
the fine wines - get better with age (Big Ruben wiki, Steve 'the price is right', even Tezza Hill lol
the standards - peak at 28-29 then gradual from slump for remainder of career
the freaks - have an extened peak period from 25 to retirement (Clinton Shifkovskis)
the early bloomers - come out of draft in near top form, and maintains this until age 25, then a shear downward spiral (Mclindens, McFaddens, Anastas)
the disreputes - Hoppa type players....has a form guide like a rollercoaster, a lottery what mood u get him in
Originally posted by Padz@Mar 22 2005, 04:46 PM
just curius, what type would u describe darren lockyers form
the freaks

in complete supreme form from mid 20-s to retirement

the guys a freak alright
Besides form it needs a star player who boosts his teams rating.

Call it the "Johns, Lockyer, Gower Factor" when which they don't play the team falls to pieces and all they do is hitups through the middle of the park.
Also, in a career mode, how about improving fitness? Say, in real time in the first game 'Feta Paleasina would probably only manage 10 mins in a half. But at the end of the season, as you push him more, he could probably do 25mins or so.
Form would add massively to the game and would really add to the franchise system as teams form fluctuate.

Look at St Helens last year early on they were beating everyone on sight and beat all the top 5 teams to win the challenge cup then hit a downward spiral that never stopped for the remainder of the season.

Would be absolute class to have a form factor in the game. Especially as was mentioned would make it a real reason to drop the star half back whos form was on a dip and give the new rookie a try whos form was through the roof.

Any word anyone at Sidhe ?

Unofficially will we be smiling or will we have to pick our bottom lips off the floor ?
Great ideas here, I hope SIDHE are one step of the game and are listening.
Mario would have definitely been reading......

Form ratings seem such a little thing, but in terms of gameplay they actually have a huge affect on a game.

With them included games become much more varied, and the final result far less predictable (ie. longevity is added to the game).

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