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Former All Blacks Linked To Counties-manukau

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Former All Blacks linked to Counties-Manukau

04.10.05 1:00pm

A couple of big names are being linked with the Counties-Manukau rugby team, ahead of next year's new-look NPC competition.

The province has already revealed long time captain Errol Brain as assistant coach.

Former All Blacks Isitolo Maka and Andrew Blowers are rumoured to be joining the province.

It is a rumour that coach Kevin Putt will neither confirm nor deny.

Putt says they are always working on new signings, and are hoping to make some further announcements in the next few weeks.

Errol Brain is honoured to be a part of the province again, and he will join head coach Kevin Putt next season for their new NPC campaign in the first division.

The long time provincial skipper says he was surprised to get the call and is delighted to be back, and is particularly looking forward to being a part of the changes after six or seven years away.

Brain starts his new role in January and says he has already identified some areas on which the team needs to work, although he believes that with the current talent it will not be hard to make the changes.

Brian says the basic talent in Counties is encouraging.

ah yes..this is all looking to good as i have seen the young players in the counties team and they ARE AWESOME..but what they lack is guidance and leadership and straight up common sense!!..this will team will be one of the bloomers and one of the first lower ranked teams to get to the top4!!!

isitolo maka..the original sione lauaki..cant wait to see him if hes back!
its about time the NZRFU expanded the npc. this will bring way more players into the mix.
a former Springbok just joined Manawatu - Joggie Viljoen, a Scrumhalf, and he's only 28 years old as well.
this pretty cool tho..all these old skool guys thinking of comin back!

great for our game
Aye, this is turning out pretty decent. It would be great to see Cullen back over here playing for an underdog. Even if it is for nostalgia sake.
Cullen isn't a good rugby player anymore guys, it pains me to say it but he hasn't shown anything above club rugby standard since he arrived in the NH.
Damn, that means he'd be like a high schooler over here.

In all seriousness though, Manawatu aren't going to get anywhere anyway so it won't matter much.
that's probably true mate, considering the likes of David Bory (who is no Jonah, that's for sure) were running all over him in the HEC last year then Manawatu fans shouldn't be getting too excited.
I hope some return to the bay as they are getting their players raped left right and centre. senio cashmore ormond tuapi are all leaving plus maybe more if they miss out on super 14 contracts. blowers and maka coming back would be awesome. maka was an awesome ball runner and blower a dam good loosie.
Originally posted by cavan@Oct 4 2005, 11:42 PM
Cullen isn't a good rugby player anymore guys, it pains me to say it but he hasn't shown anything above club rugby standard since he arrived in the NH.
That was why he was ot wanted here. After his injury he couldn't do it anymore with pace and sidestep.

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