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well that was mature. i think perhaps the power has gone to your head? i really hope you don't expect me to grovel for forgiveness. i wouldn't give you the satisfaction.


Honestly, what a total load of tosh. Utter, utter, THE TRUTH grade rubbish.

This forum is about Rugby. It isn't about you coming along and downloading a file and wandering off again without saying even a how-de-do, it is about rugby! Talking rugby, discussing rugby, debating rugby, this is what forums are all about. You know? A forum for discussion? You ever heard about the concept of a forum?

If you want to download files for your copy of EA Rugby then go to a site that caters for the game and get it there. This site rewards visitors who contribute with added extras. There is nothing, nothing here that gives you the right to demand anything, let alone a file for EA Rugby.

If you are that socially insecure that you don't want to discuss or debate the best sport on gods own planet with other people then seriously god help you. This is what being a rugby fan is all about, talking with confidence and with a sense of humour about any aspect of the sport.

In truth, you know that fabled mythical creature that the Irish and New Zealand contingent of this forum talk about? You know, the so called "arrogant, rude and ignorant England fan?" Well...I think we found it!
Not open for further replies.

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