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Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by getofmeland, Jul 15, 2006.

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  1. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    Forum Terms & Rules

    1.Welcome to The Rugby Forum. I am your humble host, St Helens RLFC. The Rugby Forum is here for you to talk about everything rugby and rugby league related. We have several sections for off topic discussion as well as other sports. Please feel free to get involved and post. There is no clique and we want to see you, new members getting involved as soon as possible.

    2.If you like The Rugby Forum, then tell your friends. If you DON’T like The Rugby Forum, tell me or one of my staff!

    3.Please do as staff ask. They are here to help and to ensure that The Rugby Forum moves along smoothly. If you disagree with a staff member’s decision, tell an admin. If you disagree with an admin’s decision, tell me. “Moderators don’t make mistakes, they make controversial decisions.â€

    4.I don’t mind about signature size as long as it isn’t stupidly big. I’m happy enough that nobody has a signature too big at this moment in time.

    5.If you have an issue with a fellow member, please resolve it with the means of the Personal Messaging system or MSN. Just don’t clog the forum up with it.

    6.If you want to set up an alias, fine. Just make sure it’s funny.

    7.All ideas are welcomed, so please don’t keep them to yourself. If you have an idea either send a personal message to myself or a fellow staff member, or post it up in the Forum Feedback section.

    8.Signed up for the computer games section? Please don’t forget that we have an extensive rugby section. And if you’ve signed up for the rugby section, please don’t forget that we have an extensive rugby gaming section, with EA, SIDHE and Swordfish exclusives.

    9.Please do not post porn or images likely to corrupt public morals. Please do not put these in signatures or avatars either, just get a life instead.

    10.Please do not use "txt-spk" when making posts. Everyone the world over agrees the world over that correct English is much easier to read, so let's maintain the standard. Plus, you don't have a character limit here like you do on a mobile phone, so it's not necessary

    11.Please do not discuss illegal downloading sites, if these are discussed the post will be deleted then the member warned

    12. Racism or any form of discrimination will NOT be tolerated on The Rugby Forum. I will not hesitate to warn, ban and report to the authorities anyone who partakes in this en masse.

    13.The Rugby Forum is meant to be fun, so have fun! By all means have a very detailed, in depth discussion, but do not insult fellow members or shout them down because they have a different view from you. Respect everybody’s opinion.

    14.The reputation system is there to reward or punish members. Please do not abuse it as this is our equivalent of post count. If you would like to make a complaint about feedback left for you, contact a staff member and it will be investigated. Please read the reputation guidelines in Forum Feedback.

    15.Spamming will not be accepted on this forum, we have imposed the post limit to be able to read the rugby gaming section for a reason, if you spam to get your way into this you will be warned and ALL your posts will be removed, if you continue a ban will be imposed on your account. This will initially be a ban on your account but if after that ban is up you continue will use an IP Ban.

    16. The management team of TRF accept no responsibility for the members of our board off our board. If someone advertises, please don't complain to us, because we have no control over it.

    17. Almost there! The management of reserve the right to change or add rules at any time without the acknowledgment of members. And staff decision is final.

    Have fun. It’s what we’re here for!

    Best wishes,

    Dan and Charlie

    (St Helens RLFC & Getofmeland TRF owners)
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  3. Juan le Roux

    Juan le Roux Guest

    I cant read the EA forums and I have post over 5 posts
  4. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    The Posts don't count unless they are more than a set number of characters, this is to stop people just spamming pointless garbal.
  5. solomar

    solomar Guest

    The hard thing about the 10 posts is that I don't really have any comments to make until Rugby 08 comes out (I prefer to hold my comments until I've played it). So it's kind of a catch-22 - I can't get up to 10 comments without access to that forum. It would be nice if new accounts had temporary access to give you a chance to post in a non-introduction forum, and if the minumum post count is increased, give members like me who haven't hit 10 posts yet a chance to post something meaningful in a non-intro forum before locking us out.

    Just my $0.02.

  6. You do realise there is more than a gaming section to this forum don't you? Try moving out of the introduction forum and posting - there is every topic under the sun to talk about, from real rugby (shock horror!) to what your favourite film is.
  7. Precisely.

    I know where you're coming from solomar but there is plenty of stuff to see and do on this board. 10 good posts is not hard in any way shape or form. If I thought it was, I wouldn't have the rule in place.
  8. k0ffy

    k0ffy Guest

    I think its good to have a limited post to access some parts of the forum, but it seems for the new guys the post just count on the Introduction section.
  9. mario66

    mario66 Guest

    It is the first time I see such a strange rule as the 10-post rule. To my opinion the only thing it will get to is that other forums will appear on the net with links to all the information that can be found out there and people who try to help the community will just be disgusted
  10. Not at all. We used to have a completely open forum, but found that many people abused the access to information we gave them.

    Unfortunately it has been a case of a minority spoiling it for the majority. 10 quality and constructive posts is nothing to ask really.
  11. mario66

    mario66 Guest

    Anyway this is the way this forum is working, and you certainly have chosen the best solution on behalf of what you have seen. But have you got an idea of the ratio between this minority of people and the majority participating actively in this forum? (sorry for the mistakes in my written english) :rolleyes:
  12. how many words is the minimum? otherwise am i wasting my time posting in here at all? all i want is to be able to go where i please. its like being in prsion or something!

  13. Yes, exactly like prison.

    Apart from the fact that you aren't forced to be here, aren't forced to do anything, aren't locked up at night and, unless you are really into that sort of thing, aren't anally probed while using the site.
  14. wow you've taken a real dislike to me already haven't you? oh well i doubt i'll be losing any sleep over it.

  15. Considering you've done nothing but moan since joining, were you really expecting those of us who put a lot of time and effort into running this site to take any other stance?
  16. what can i say? moaning is what i do best. particularly when i fell i'm fully justified in complaining about something.
  17. Well you haven't given any valid reasons for feeling aggreived as yet.

    You seem to have totally neglected the fact that this site isn't run for your personal benefit. The owners pay for all the costs and hosting, charging nothing in return, while every member of staff puts in hours of their own time to try and move this site forwards.

    This is a website about rugby. First and foremost it is here to allow people to talk about the sport. The videogame section is merely an extra feature, where yet again a lot of people put in huge amounts of time and effort to provide members with resources and updates at no expense.

    If every member simply signed up in order to download what the site has to offer without contributing to discussion, there would be no point in its existence. And I guarantee you won't find better resources, such as this precious game editor, anywhere else.

    The Rugby World Cup is on for f***s sake! If you can't think of anything to say about the biggest tournament the sport has to offer, then why are you even here? No one is forcing you to do anything, all that has been asked is that members respect the reason for this site rather than just coming on to leech off free downloads.
  18. well likewise no-one is forcing you to run this site. its all very well complaining about the hours you spend on it but maybe you should ask yourself why you're doing it. if you only want praise for using up all your free time then maybe you're doing this for the wrong reasons?

    it just seems to me that forcing people to sign up and then forcing them to contribute seems rather draconian. all i wanted was just one file and if it was available for public download we could have avoided all this unpleasantness couldn't we?

    i'm not even slightly interested in talking about the rugby world cup with complete strangers, if i want to talk about rugby i'll do it with people who i already know thankyou very much.
  19. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    In that case, bugger off.
  20. not until i've got what i came for
  21. You´ll have a long wait.

    I am hereby revoking your access to any of the gaming sections. And you´ll also have a long wait to argue with me - I´m on my holidays, cha´mone.
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