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Frankie Dettori Racing / Melbourne Cup Challenge

i went to gamesman last night on the way home to get the game. BUT the ******** said it was out on friday. i go um... huh? the website says 26th not the 27th. they said friday.

well that blows! i wont be able to play it next week as i am staying at my gf's and the week after she is staying at my place so will be lucky to play it then as well. so i will wait till next week to buy it. i may get time while i am she is staying at my place. but i doubt it as well
yeah it would seem it came out today in nz. I checked gamesman gpstore and dse sites all say the 27th with gpstore saying now shipping. gamesman is the cheapest for pc at $73 online followed by gpstore at $75 dse $80.
Seems to have a good dose of lastability from what I can see.

Until I've done my review, I say that at this stage it's sitting at a 78% overall mark. Remember though, I'm very objective.
Man, haven't seen AK on here for days must really be into this game, is it really worth it if you are not really into horse racing games?. Is it any fun?. What is the longevity like?.
It is a lot of fun. If you hate horse-racing you'll never like it. If you don't mind it either way, you'll find it not bad at all.

As far as longevity, well it's seems to have enough depth for me, not AK though. It all depends how indepth you want to go with a game.
not in depth but bloody good effort

i cant get enuff of he spring carnival, and trying to dominate the epsom/caulfield/cox/melbourne with the same beast

breeding is good but limited with 10 years

i'll post more in a week, when back at work

p.s not since i got the x360 @ midnight have i played a game thru to daylight.........and i started playing this @ 4:30pm....a good 12 hour stintin one go...........YES I LOVE THIS GAME.

commentary rocks too........create a horse called 'far lap', and u'll get goosebumps
shame they havent got a 360 version

nevermind, im still gonna give this one a go
& will give my views on it soon

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