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GAA Thread

That was just about the worst individual half of football I've seen from Cooper, Clifford played him easy.
So thick, what did he think would happen?
Kinda love that RTE analysis basically amounts to three lads in a pub having an argument.
The Joe Brolly show ft side characters that Joe is going to talk over anyway.
I genuinely think it's worth listening to Joe for the odd line such as "that wasn't even the first cousin of a penalty".

Philly on for Small asap if it hasn't happened already.
If the Kerry 4 doesn't get send off here this is an outrage.

Edit: as it turns out the best way to win the all Ireland is to spend the week before the game intimidating the ref. F*** this sport, it's bull***t all the way up.
Think Kerry had their chance last time, pretty confident of a Dublin win this time.
Couldn't have started better for Dublin, Mannion, O'Callaghan and Kilkenny scoring early is very promising.
Kerry's tactic of kicking long balls straight at the Dublin defence working predictably terribly so far.