Game Crashes?!

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by kungfuchicken, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. Lo,

    When i play a match after e few (real) minutes the game suddenly stops and after waiting 3 a 4 sec. there comes a black screen and my pc is crashed! can somebody plz tell me a secret option or something thanx
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  3. Badboy

    Badboy Guest

    maybe u have some problems with ur doesn't happen to me
  4. GarVanNeath

    GarVanNeath Guest

    This is the ONLY game I've played on my pc which causes crashes.

    My hardware should manage this game ok , it may be coz I'm running Norton anti virus in background. Sometimes it crashes big time, other times it just shuts the program down and goes back to desktop, though usually it's OK.

    I'll try it without Norton, if I still get probs then I might e mail EA and get one of their ever so helpful automated responses.
  5. contepomi

    contepomi Guest

    Ah this problem. Don't worry mate, I won't have the solution for you tonight, but I'll be able to get it to you tomorrow once I remember what the exact solution is. We had exactly the same 'symptoms' with Fifa 2003. All we needed was a new Invidia Graphics card or something like that. Anyway, I;m not sure exactly what it was but thats roughly it. After we got that the game was able to work again.
    I think it's the same problem anyway, sounds the same.
    Hope this helps.
  6. GarVanNeath

    GarVanNeath Guest

    Thanks, but I don't think I need a new nvidia card, I've got an ATI X800XT PCI-e. Wouldn't touch nvidia with a bargepole any more, too noisy.

    I guess it's just "one of things" that sometimes crop up with PC gaming.
  7. contepomi

    contepomi Guest

    I'm just telling you how I solved an identical problem. It was actually an Invidia Graphics driver I think.
  8. well all off u thnx alot for trying to help me i will format my pc and uses all the latest drivers, let u know if that works
  9. GarVanNeath

    GarVanNeath Guest

    I've got the latest ATI drivers and think I've got the latest sound card drivers. I played it last night having disabled my Norton Anti Virus and had no probs, it may be coincidence or maybe Norton was interfering with it.

    Thanks for the advice Contepomi but I think I can only use the ATI Catalyst Drivers with my card.
  10. contepomi

    contepomi Guest

    No problems mate.
  11. wrighty15

    wrighty15 Guest

    check ur screensaver is off, whilst running a game if it is one wt will pop up whils t u play and slow down play or stop it all together
  12. GarVanNeath

    GarVanNeath Guest

    seems like if I run the game by inserting cd and then clicking on the play option that the cd throws up on the screen, fine.

    If I already have cd in drive, and play by clicking on the Rugby 2005 icon on desktop, it is susceptible to crashes.

    Don't think it was Norton causing the problem.

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