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Should be getting it either today or tomorrow.

I'm going to bed of for a few hours (it's 1:20am)....I usually don't sleep (haven't for about 7 years....I was tired) but I will make an exception this time.

Good night all.
By today do you mean the 23rd? and if yes, then by tomorrow you mean the 24, how can you wait an extra day!?!
Well, Ceejay, you know me. I live in Hicksville. There is no shops here that sell Xbox games. So by getting it, I meant hiring it out from video ezy, until Saturday when I can buy it from Hastings.

...But stupid Video Ezy didn't have it.
I usually get it from Harvey Norman. They have an EB, but like all EBs feels too chlostrophobic and unwelcoming... Harvey Norman is alright because they at least don't tamper with the disc, unlike The Warehouse... And the price is usually on par... And I get to play games while I'm choosing ;)
got a really good logitec keyboard

the guy said it should work with more keys pressed... but it still doesnt allow me to sprint up+right


i take it back tomorrow and swap for the basic model with no wireless :(