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Gatland confirms British interest




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After leading Wasps to three Premierships and a Heineken Cup,
Warren Gatland will have no shortage of offers from Northern Hemisphere clubs.
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As indicated in last week's Herald on Sunday, Warren Gatland has revealed he will consider a return to coaching in the UK at the end of the year after finding his fast-track route to the All Blacks job temporarily blocked.

The man who coached Ireland and guided Wasps to three English Premiership ***les and a Heineken Cup between 2003 and 2005 will be out of contract in October when a three-year deal with Waikato expires.

Despite leading Waikato to the Air New Zealand Cup last season, the 43-year-old Gatland has been denied the chance to take charge of the Chiefs in the Super 14.

At present, Gatland is assisting Chiefs coach Ian Foster, who has just agreed a two-year extension on his deal with the franchise.

Although Gatland could still choose to stay with Waikato, promotion on the domestic ladder is not an option at present - which means returning to the UK has become an attractive alternative scenario.

He admitted to London's Daily Mail that the time for decision-making is fast approaching.

"I suppose in the next couple of months I better think about it," he said. "My thinking was always to come home to be with family in the Waikato-Auckland area but if there are no jobs around here, I might as well go back to the UK.

"Rather than find work somewhere else in New Zealand, I would probably head overseas again, for financial reasons. I have to think about security for my family and there is more money to be made in England, France or Japan than here.

"I spoke to a couple of Premiership clubs when I was over in November last year. I said then that I was settled back home but that it was something I would look to do again in the future."

Those keen to acquire his formidable services will be interested to learn that the former All Blacks hooker does not believe in out-staying his welcome.

"I have made it clear I won't be involved with both the Chiefs and Waikato next season," he said.

Gatland could be the subject of a stampede. His British coaching CV is surpassed in the professional era only by Dean Richards, who led Leicester Tigers to four Premierships and two Heineken Cups. Richards was sacked by Leicester in 2004 and is now at Harlequins.

Leicester are in need of a new director of rugby but are likely to have filled the vacancy before Gatland enters the market. However, relegation permitting, the likes of Northampton, Bath, Newcastle and Worcester could be in the frame.

In the Herald on Sunday last week, rugby writer Gregor Paul said there were still potential opportunities that could keep Gatland in New Zealand.

Rumours that Crusaders coach Robbie Deans is flirting with offshore suitors - Australia seems the strongest rumour yet, with the Wallabies the team in question - means there might be an opening in Christchurch.

However, Gatland has family and other ties to the North Island and, with Blues coach David Nucifora another in contention for the Wallaby job after the World Cup, the Blues could be another fit.

Gatland, however, will have to battle young coaches also earmarked for greater things, such as the promising Auckland coaching duo of Pat Lam and Shane Howarth, and may face a lack of certainty here.

Which is why a decision to take a sure thing in the Northern Hemisphere, where he is highly regarded, may provide him with a more assured future.


If Nucifora does leave, I would happily take Gatland for the Blues, although anyone but Pat Lam I would be happy with.
OH GOD YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!

We'll even throw in an old overated player of your choice who you can pay 100,000 pounds a year too.
OH GOD YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!

We'll even throw in an old overated player of your choice who you can pay 100,000 pounds a year too.

It's a shame Lavea went, he could have been just up Mr Barwell's street.
For someone who's so Anti-Spencer these days, that's a fine Avatar...

I've never denied he has the ability, I just don't like his attitude at all this season.
Haha, seriously tho, you saints boys need to stop signing so many Kiwi's and find the balance between that and homegrown/acadamy players. There's too much of a foreign flavour to you boys and in a sense, it's reminiscant of Sarries when they tried to sign anything with a big name and effectively do a chelsea. But it backfired for them and until recently when they've started to establish stability. The saddest thing is, every knows you boys are a pretty good outfit, it's just something somewhere has slipped up. You need to pick up and regroup coz you're ten times the side Worcester are, who'll hopefully go back where they belong :lol2tn:

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