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Gavin Henson and Charlotte Church get engaged




Singer and TV presenter Charlotte Church has got engaged to Wales international Gavin Henson, she has told celebrity magazine OK!.

Henson, who is currently on indefinite leave from rugby, proposed to Church the day after they celebrated her 24th birthday in February.

The rugby star flew his girlfriend by helicopter to Cornwall and proposed on one knee in a restaurant.


Doesn't he look like a happy fucker. It's like he's posing for a mug shot.

On a side note, Cyril must be devastated.


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Gavin Henson is engaged so maybe now he'll be back in pre-season with Ospreys or maybe Munster :p
That ******* better do right by her. After giving her children, it's about time. She's lovely, and to quote fellow Welshman, Tom Jones, "she's a lady!"
Henson said: "I was nervous about doing the speech beforehand. It's time to get married, I want us to be a family and we have different names at the moment. Me, Ruby and Dexter are Henson and Charlotte is Church. It feels right." Describing her ring, Charlotte, who is currently helping Andrew Lloyd Webber choose a Dorothy for his new West End production of the Wizard of Oz, said: "It's just perfect. I'd always said I wanted a heart-shaped diamond and the boy did good. Fair dos to you, Henson."
Gavin joked that he proposed when Church was feeling a bit "sketchy" because she is a lot more lovely. "So I thought she's definitely going to say yes then".

C'mon Henson, C'mon! Fight fer ya missus!
That was predictable. Two wash-ups, both could do better.
I heard on the radio this morning they've split up?! apparently Gavin was resentful because Charlotte made him quit rugby, the only thing he knew.
I heard he was spending too much time with some model/actress person
All just tabloid speculation though
I heard that he was cheating on Charlotte with Cyril.
I have returned!! But will neither confirm or deny the speculation regarding the rumoured close friendship between myself and Mr. Henson.
haha :L welcome back cyril
feel sorry for the kids really, having their parents splitting up must be horrible, especially since it's news in the tabloids and gossip magazines.
Doesn't this make Cyril a homewrecker? :O How could you cyril!
There was rumours that he was moving to Dinas Powys not far from Cardiff (which is where I live :D) which doesn't make sense because it'd take him ages to get to and back from Swansea for 'Sprays training/games, considering he's coming back from his leave in September. Tom Shanklin lives here too, could be a sign he's moving to the Blues? :p Yeahh, not really. Just daft specualtion really