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What he does best these days;

f*** off you Manc Scum...

Gerrard was clipped, if that had been Ronaldo he would of rolled around on the floor and try to get a player sent off...

Also if you look at Morgan after he made it, he put his head in his hands, because he knew he clipped Gerrard, he never complained to the ref over the decision...

The Ref said he saw contact, and was in the best position to see that... just cos your an arrogant manc, you cant see that, if that decision had been in favour for manchester united you would of taken it...

Also on another note did you notice him try to jump the tackle, and therefore falling over the ball, because he got clipped and lost his balance...

Wrong example to use in your sig, eg the one where it most certainly WAS a penalty and Gattuso should have walked.

And if you think yesterdays was a dive - get a grip. It only becomes a dive when the cheat turns round and says "Oi ref, that's a penalty."
I'm not even a liverpool fan and I can admit that Stevie G is one of the most sportsmanlike players around. I think the 'witch hunt' for players diving following the world cup is bound to focus on the more talented players who draw fouls based on their skill at keeping the ball away from tackles (some of whom are genuine culprits... cough... Ronaldo.... cough).

I'm sure every player has gone down a little too easily once or twice, but it is the reaction afterwards which separates the footballers from the Oscar Nominees. Diving will sadly always be a part of football, it is the referee mobbing and on-floor dramatics which need to be stamped out.
the vs. bolton is really the only blatant dive i saw

the one v sheffield looked sketchy but you could see that he was tripped up a little, if he weren't and he were just diving he sure wouldnt have tried to get a shot off..
England vs Jamaica anyone?

I admire Gerrard as a player, but you can't possibly say he isn't gaining a reputation as a diver.

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