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Good Boots?




I'm looking forward to buy some new, good rugby boots. At the time I have a pair of Kooga's but after a time they got really dodgy so it's quite hard to run in them. Could you please recommend me some good Soft and Hard Ground Boots (not Kooga) for not a massive price.


P.S.: I'm a second row (lock) and I'm not a kicker.
I heard the Canterbury's are nice for fowards. I'm also looking for new boots. I'm scrumhalf and I think I'm leaning towards the air legends. I'm looking for comfort.
I've got the mizuno mid waves....
Nice shoe for forwards, as myself (hard nose, high schoe, good grip).
But it all comes down to your needs.
Best you can do is go to a shop and start trying some on.
Or try to lend your mate's shoes, so u can determine what you really want in a shoe.
Good luck ;)
If you don't find the boots too narrow Adidas have a new Flanker boot out.
It's a cracking one.

Otherwise, you really can't go wrong with what is one of the best boots out there:
Hmmm....the only problem is that you say "for not a massive price"...im guessing buy that the more expensive boots. The best boots (as people are increasingly finding) are Nomis. I won't talk about nikes because there are too many of them lol. Just go to the shop and try them on. See what feels best for you. Different brands are different widths and fits so you'll have to find out for yourself :)
I've Heard that Gilbert's Sidestep High are quite good for forwards, did anyone ever try them out?
I noticed Adidas 915's were mentioned. If you're a second rower or hooker, then they're good 4 u, but if you're a prop, go for a boot with more studs, and if you're in the backline, go for some nice light Adidas preditors/Nomis/Fanstastic plastic Nikes
Yeah but they aint cheap.... [/b]

Oh well :)

It all comes down to what YOU feel comfortable in. Don't worry about what anyone else says, just go and try some on for yourself and YOU make the choice.