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Love stories about guys games feel free to go wild with any good stories. Please limited this thread to Game Stories only and no questions
one night at the beach in waipu..me and my mate steve after a massive party hoped into bed with rugby 2005 in front of us..we played a 10 minite game and just after we started playing we realised that the tv had no remote and that one of us would have to get up to turn it and the ps2 off..so it was declared that the game would determine the unlucky/drunk fool who would have to do the dirty deed. well things got off to a **** start for me..playing as new zealand and him as australia i was down 37-16 at half time..thats right 37-16..i benched cater at this stage and put on mehrtens as i needed a big kicker..i crawled my way back to 31-37 with about 5 mins (rugby 2005 time) to go..this is where things got intersting..i punted it into his goal line and he attempted to comfortably dive on the ball for a 22..but his full back f***ed up and missed the dive and it took like 10 secs for him to get up so dougy just sprinted over and dived on it..38-37..f*** yeah..he kicked off and with the timer showing 80:00 i told weepu to pass to who i thort was merterns for the winning kick into touch..and for sum f***ING CRAZY REASON..ali williams cort the ball and tried to do the job..well obviously he f***ed it up and kicked it str8 2 that ugly mutha f***a wendell who jogged over and scored..i went mental
Originally posted by mark_shaw@Feb 13 2006, 08:22 PM
me and my mate steve after a massive party hoped into bed with rugby 2005 in front of us.
also very dodgy :blink:
haha crack up :lol:

but would be nice to hear about exciting games of rugby 2006 people have played as we don't have this game in the land of the long white cloud yet :(
france (me)31 vs s. africa 28(cpu)
playing on normal or whatever cos i tend not to be very good at these things.

in my opinion one of the great new additions is a workable cross kick and i have scored some fantastic tries from both the set piece and from the breakdown (triangle button from the number 9).

down by four deep into injury time, having been hammering away at the boks in their 22 for a good few minutes without success, i noticed they had no cover out wide and for resons only known to god and rougerie, he was well out of range fro a long pass. (looking at the replay it seems he had been down injured for a while but had gotten up as they do sometimes?)

elisalde pops one over the bok backline, montgomery was nowhere and rougerie dives on the ball in the corner. sublime.

to rub salt into the would elisalde pops the conversion on the whistle.

have since been overkilling the cross kick a bit since but i has had some great results.

often the fullback and wing will miss the ball or try to dive on it and miss it and as happened last night, the ball bounced awkwardly between them both and bounced into the waiting hands of caucau and he scooted over.

incidentally, something i like with the new one:
when you cross the line, instead of holding down x to score the try, a quick double tap places the ball down as you carry on jogging jonah style.

great as you batter your flatmates and want to make it look like youre not trying too hard.
That double tap touch down sound awsome!! has anyone else discovered it?

Hey iverson, just sent you a pm, check it out.
i think it may just be a very fast tap or a double tap? it does work every time but you have toi be over the line, if you are in fron of it, you will just dive.

perhaps the longer you hold the button determines other moves? might have a go at a long hold later.

its a nice little touch either way
Originally posted by CeeJay@Feb 13 2006, 10:01 PM
That double tap touch down sound awsome!! has anyone else discovered it?

I found this but I have to say I've not noticed that I have to double tap to get them to do this. (PC) It normally seems to happen when you are not sprinting and you are in the in-goal area and pressing the try score button (Button 2?)

I had a great match agains OZ in the opener of a Tri-Nations campaign last night (Elite-10 mins). It was like a constant try tennis (my defence is poor and I think the AI is great at punishing mistakes). Aus scored first, shortly followed by an unconverted SA try. Halve time score was 21 -12.

In the first 3 minutes of the second halve January passed the ball out to Habana on the wing, I was suprised to see Habana running onto the ball, side stepped the defender and then simply did the same with the fullback scoring under the sticks! 21 - 19. I remeber something I read in Locks' review and had a look in the instruction manual and figured that you can have your receiver run onto the ball.

My celebration was short lived as a deep kick off resulted in January missing the catch, defenders bearing down... Monty picked up the ball and panicking I immediately tried to kick clear but Sailor charged down the kick, resulting in a Gregan try. 28 - 19.

About 55 mins into the match a little chip from a set play (think it was Miss + button 4) left a defender diving and missing the ball, a sprinting Habana blitzing to collect it to only get tackled by the fullback, Habana's offload found the hands of Fourie and another try under the sticks. 28 - 26.

With about 5 mins to go and both sides missing attempts at a drop kick. I thought I'd get Habana running onto the ball again. Again he sidestepped his man and as the last defender drew near I released a little grubber, the dfender turning and trying to dive on the ball, Habana whizzing past him to collect the ball with an open try line to score the match winning try....he knocked it on!!! Final Score 28 - 26
what a match and what a climax... habana for man of the match and villan of the match
Scoring Tries from a Scrum.

Majority of the Time my method works against weaker teams.

Against the better teams you will get turned over if you dont offload in the tackle.

First push the analog stick towards the goal line (This to make the First Five run onto the ball)

Pass the ball to the first five.

As soon as you recieve the ball run side ways.

Pass the ball just befor you get tackled (Both Centres will attempt to tackle you).

Your inside centre will hit a huge hole at pace (I love this part as your outside backs run pretty straight).

Now you can be straight forward and go through the hands to score a try, but i prefer to use the Grubber kick to out do the Fullback.

If the opposition has a good winger, he will come in and tackle you. This is where the offload is perfect.

You will score some great length of the field tries.

Scored my best try yet with O'Kelly(Ireland) taking a short ball 15m out from the Welsh line. He broke thru 5 tackles, shoulder charged1, shrugged off 2, a hand off1, skipped out of another, then his momentum took 2 Welsh tacklers over the line with him. Must have watched it on reply about 20 times. Was playing on elite, in Millenium Stadium, so shows anything can happen.
I just had a field day against Leeds just now. I'm proud because I beat Iain Balshaw once with a fend, twice with side steps, once with a shoulder charge, once with a grubber and once with the draw-and-pass. Then he got sent off for clotheslining my outside centre. 61-0. God that felt good. I hate Balshaw.
Started World League on elite and have just pulled the biggest upset in the 2nd round of the knockout tournament.

Ulster with a squad of players that u would just wanna scrape off the bottom of ur shoe beat Elite Division Toulouse 17-8.
Used the kicking game, and my was it tactical perfection.
Up 7-0 in the first minute with a drive over try from a stolen lineout, my hopes were lifted.
Then quickly squashed as i learned a valuable rule not to cross kick badly to the Toulouse back 3. A fantastic try the length of the field.
In at the half down 8-7.
Big break thru came in the 65th min as Toulouse tried to clear from their in-goal. The ball cracked the underneath of the crossbar n bounced straight into the hands of my charging scrum half. Oh how i laughed.
The pressure was telling as they began to run everything from their own 22. Was handed a gift when an intercepted offload put the game to bed, as i chuckled Ha Ha Ha ... all the way home.

Still haven't won a bloody game in my division yet tho .... boo hoo hoo
damn i love these stories too. keep them coming. i don't get the game until tomorrow or wednesday or something.

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