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Great video about rugby


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Jun 17, 2015
Hey rugbiers!

At the university rugby team in Barcelona, Rugby UPC Femení, we've made a very cool video about rugby (you can select English subtitles!!):

We are contesting against three other sports but, if rugby wins, we'll get sponsored, which will help us pay the training fields for the next season.

Therefore, I ask you to please share our video if you like it, as well as to vote for us in the campaign web as many times as you can (you can do this once per day until September so you better add the link to your favourites xD):

I hope you like our video and help us give visibility to this great sport!! :)


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By the way, forgive me if this is not the right subforum to post this!

(I wasn't sure because since this is about rugby it's not off topic, but it didn't seem to fit in other categories either.)

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