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Greatest Sporting moment of the year?

In rugby - argentina beating france in the RWC opener. I'd like to say the boks beating england in the final, but it just wasn't all that exciting of a match.

outside rugby - since I am a fan of american football, the patriots achieving the second ever perfect regular season - 16 - 0!
Being able to watch every single RWC game in my room and not having to drive to the pub like before. Oh yeah, and the Mayweather-Hatton fight.
Rugby - Either scoring one of my trys for our club or winning the Semi-final of our club competitiony thing.

Outside Rugby - I don't really pay attention to any other sports so I don't know
The Calzaghe-Kessler fight was another highlight. The 24/7 series HBO runs before fights is great.
England coming into another international compitetion as the underdogs yet they prove evryone wrong by making it all the way to the finals, thats the last time youll see South Africa lifting that trophy :D
I would have to say the best sporting moment of 2007 was when Scotland rose to second position in the World Curling ranks.
Man U taking the premier league ***le away from Chelsea and seeing off Jose Morinho.
It's got to be Wales vs Fiji or NZ vs France. Fiji were brilliant, some off the ball stuff aside, they made the RWC even more enjoyable.
South Africa whipping the English in the pool game and of course there was a lot of moments in and after the final!

Federer winning Wimbledon for the 5th time!!!

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