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Guild Wars



Guild wars is due out anyday now and it looks quite good. Guild wars is like world of warcraft execpt you don't pay a monthly subscription to pay and game is focused more on fighting other players and guilds. This game seems to have quite a large following already so should be no problems in finding guilds and other people to play with. For more info about the game go to www.guildwars.com. I will hopefully be getting the game soon so might see some of you out there
did you get this game? has anyone else here got this game? i have been playiing it for about a week now, not hard core as i am only up to lvl 10 but its primo. the first day i got it i played it from 10pm to 630am i just lost total track of time. would be playing it alot more if stuff like work and rugby on telly didn't get in the way

just wondering if anyone else out there has been playin
and the great thing about this game, is once you have bought it NO MONTHLY FEES

not to bad eye candy 2
nah didn't get yet and not sure if i will as i don't have lots of time. Its quite popular in NZ though lots of people have it and there are heaps of guilds
i dont really understand online rpg gaming...i like rpgs and wud like to get into one online,but what do you mean no monthly fees?

do you hav to pay to register?
or is it like an ordinary pc game like u buy it load it up on the comp and start playing straight away?

i would diffinitly like to give this a try
most online rpgs you have to pay a monthly fee to play the game it helps pay for expasions and other things but Guild wars you don't and just load it up like any other pc game.
i hadn't played any online rpgs b4 this, the only reason i did is cause it was free monthly, i am having heaps of fun with it. got my old guild, got a website (crappy as it may be its only been up for 4 days) with profiles of the players in the guild and stuff.

building towards getting a guild hall at present, and then we are going to release some havoc on gvg
well going to try anyway

its hella fun

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