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Haka video? and Chanting?

Ooh. Brings back the memories of the infamous rendition of Swing Lo during the Haka in 2002 at HQ. Many think that was when we on the game, and I don't disagree with that.

Get the haka and get as many traditional songs in as possible, they're a big part of rugby, and its' a rugby game.

if its in the game, its in the game and all that.
I'd love to hear the Welsh sing but the link to see it doesn't seem to work on Media player or Quicktime.
It's crap how they don't have full anthems and how their not sung - the welsh anthem just won't be the same :/
you need real player to view it, it is truly great.

This is what should be included in Rugby 2005
Real player, pfft. I hope you can unlock cool footage like that and bits from the World Cup, Bledisloe, etc.
True that, it's what I've been saying for a while, some actual cool, unlockables.
Tell me truthfully, who actually played as metal players for more than one game in WCR?

Anyone else???
My point was the unlockables not just wcr.
Actually no, lets stay on topic. Ignore my post.
Originally posted by woodie@Feb 2 2005, 11:09 AM
if its in the game, its in the game and all that.
i wonder if they will start getting like rugby players saying that line like they do on madden, it wud be cool to get a couple of players from each country... the funniest ones wud be from the pacific islands trying to say it with their broken english.. mind u sum of them hav real good english and are quite educated.

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