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Hallo you old ******* nerds!




First of all, you, St Helen, married dude now, are ya?

How are you my dear old friends? You thought i`ve kicked the bucket, haven`t you? Nah, no worries, i`m pretty good, still alive and kicking!

I`ve seen your congrats card for beeing here with you, you, old ******** you for three year. Sorry but i have to remind you that i am a member since 2002 (give or take a year or two) so, that means i know many of you for more than 4 years.

Well, now that i`m back, i`m going to give you a piece of my mind about all your subjects!

Huh, it`s nice to be back!
Oh, hello my friend, nice to see you! I`ve been very busy with my work and stuff and i have travelled a lot.

How are you? Confident for the upcoming WRC?
I won't be married for a long time. Saving money isn't all it's cracked up to be. Good to see you back. But where the bleeding hell have you been?
Well , coming to bleeding, are you expecting your future wife to be to replace her womenhood? hehe! That is why you are saving money hehehe.

Well, i`ve been travelling with work related issues.
Welcome back Rassie. Wally is still here but not does not post that often.
Well. tell him he`s a moron! Nevertheless, i would love to hear form this TRF infamuous writer!

I miss the guy, i miss you too, you lazy ****** hehehe!

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